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  • Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends to Growth Hack Business Branding in 2018

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    In the modern world, you can hardly find a company, which functions without digital marketing. That’s why professional marketers are trying hard to keep up with the trends. The world of marketing is changing quickly. Failing to take advantage of the latest techniques can slow down the campaign substantially. Below are several digital marketing trends to enjoy in 2018 and 2019.


    1. Pay Special Attention To The Voice Search

    People don’t feel like using their fingers and eyes to work online anymore. They are taking advantage of Alexa, Siri, and other bots, who are responding to voice commands. Alexa buys movie tickets, orders pizza, browses Wiki, and much more.

    These days you have to market to the device rather than a human, who is watching the screen. The majority of all the future research will be done by the bots. The bots will learn our preferences and do the research based on them. Marketers need to figure out how to make the bots catch the information they are trying to push through.


    2. Use Mobile First

    The mobile Internet use is already overwhelming. Marketers are getting on the bandwagon and trying to promote the products on the mobile devices, rather than on desktops. The mobile shift is becoming all-encompassing, making desktop computers less appealing for the marketers. Google gives the mobile-friendly websites a higher ranking. That’s why mobile versions have become more advanced. Meanwhile, marketers are trying to put mobile marketing first.


    3. Video Marketing Is Here

    Videos are kicking the images out of the website content. Internet users enjoy watching videos rather than flipping through photos. Creating content for social media involves making high-quality videos. Millions of people are browsing videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day. Digital marketers need to get creative with videos and use them as another way to attract potential customers.


    4. Following New SEO Trends

    SEO is bound to stay in one of the most important digital marketing tools. Tech SEO experts explain that effective SEO marketing will help you speed up page loading and improve issues like user experience, voice search content optimization, and mobile-first indexing.


    5. Going Younger

    Many companies are focusing on a younger generation. Baby Boomers are being left in the past. Generation Y and Z are the new targets. They have different shopping behaviors and completely different needs. Spending habits of the younger generation should become the focus of the upcoming digital marketing campaigns. The content-oriented at the younger generation follows different rules. However, more and more digital marketers are turning to new generation-oriented solutions.


    6. More Attention To Mobile Checkout

    The rise of mobile use makes the need for easy mobile checkout highly important. Companies are striving to improve the customer experience. Making the checkout simple is the key. Shopping with mobile is on the rise and will be increasing in the future.


    7. LinkedIn Marketing

    Not enough attention has been paid to LinkedIn as a platform for successful marketing. These days, Twitter is becoming less popular while LinkedIn looks promising. Digital marketers of the future are looking into the potential of this social media platform. LinkedIn is a worthy platform for audience search and social media marketing techniques.  


    8. Circumventing Ad Blockers

    At blockers are nullifying a big number of marketing efforts. This year, many marketers are looking for ways to fight this “disease”. Social media platforms, like Facebook, are coming up with tools to keep the ad blockers away. It’s up to the marketers to watch for loopholes and grab the chance as soon as it appears.


    Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends to Growth Hack Business Branding in 2018

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