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  • Top 7 Benefits of WordPress Managed Hosting

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    You already know the importance of having a WordPress website that loads quickly and does not fall when one of your articles is a big hit. In addition, you want a website that has a high level of security and can easily grow.


    Your host can support these goals, or simply restrict them. If you have been thinking of changing host, then you may have already thought about a specialized WordPress web host.


    Below, we will see what exactly a WordPress managed hosting is, the benefits and if this type of web hosting is for you. :)


    Benefits of WordPress Managed Hosting

    High traffic WordPress websites are turning more and more to specialized WordPress hosting.


    As your website grows, you will encounter a new set of technical challenges, WordPress hosting such as Cloudways Hosting will help you mitigate them and take care of them for you.


    Below are some of the key benefits that this type of web environment can offer your business.

    1. Improved Speed

    The servers used to manage your WordPress website are configured to run WordPress and only WordPress. This removes other server and hosting features that only reduce performance.


    The specialized WordPress servers are generally able to handle large volumes of traffic without any reduction in the speed of the website. Most hosts offer a CDN to further improve your speed.


    2. Advanced Security

    One of the biggest benefits of a WordPress managed hosting is the high level of security it offers. Without this type of hosting, you are responsible for installing the best plugins, tools, and techniques to ensure your website is secure.


    The WordPress specialized hosting websites have unparalleled security protection, specific to WordPress. For example, they perform regular anti-malware scans and block all hacking attempts. Plus, they have a dedicated development team behind your website, which searches for and fixes the latest WordPress vulnerabilities.


    3. 24/7 Expert Support

    Most standard hosts only offer support for their specific server software. So, if problems arise on your side, you must solve them yourself. While if you use a WordPress managed hosting, the support team is composed of experts WordPress, PHP, and MySQL.


    They will be able to guide you through the problems that arise or even solve the problem for you. Say goodbye to days of stress over complicated technical issues.


    4. Flexibility and Adaptability

    One of the biggest problems faced by website owners is to find a web host who can grow with their website. Unfortunately, many websites fail as soon as the website begins to receive significant traffic because these hosts cannot continue to provide a functional service.


    WordPress managed hosting providers can adapt your web environment so that your website is never offline when you experience a big increase in traffic.


    5. Auto-Updates and Patches

    When you manage your own hosting, you are also responsible for backing up and regularly updating your website. However, it is easy to forget about these kinds of tasks or to leave them out. When you need it most, it's unfortunate to have to look for a backup of your website, sometimes in vain.


    WordPress managed hosting providers support daily backups and keep your website up-to-date. In addition, they make sure your website works properly after updating your themes and plugins. If something does not look right, then they can go back to an old backup and investigate the problem for you.


    6. Free SSL Certificates

    You no longer need to order paid SSL certificates for your WordPress websites, your WordPress websites now automatically benefit from a completely free SSL certificate with automatic renewal, which allows you to focus on managing your website only, and let you sleep with peace of mind.


    7. Server and App Cloning

    Unlike traditional web hosts, managed WordPress hosts offer a system essential to the development of a WordPress website, and the testing of different plugins or themes, without affecting the main WordPress website: the cloning system.

    So you can create a clone of your WordPress, to make all the changes and tests you want, without affecting your main website! This function is very used to test the updates before applying them officially, so as not to have a bad surprise due to the incompatibility of the last update with the rest of your WordPress.


    Now, Make the Right Decision!

    If your WordPress website continues to grow, chances are you will switch to WordPress hosting. If you have the budget for this and your website continues to grow, you will see all the benefits of this change.


    Otherwise, if you want to keep your website small, and enjoy the management challenges of your own web environment, then you need to consider other hosting options.


    If you want to focus your time managing your website, and not your hosting, then a specialized WordPress hosting such as Cloud Hosting is the solution you are looking for!

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