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  • Top 5 Technology Innovations in Digital Marketing for 2018

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    With the ending of 2017, we can safely say that we are in for a treat when it comes to digital innovations in marketing next year. This year brought us many innovations when it comes to internet marketing and social media alike, including live fed marketing and augmented reality programs, not to mention the rising implementation of VR.


    That being said, there is always space for improvement, and just like with getting writing help online, we are bound to witness the next step in digital marketing next year. What are some of the most influential and groundbreaking changes we can anticipate in 2018 when it comes to digital marketing?


    Social media customer engagement

    The most popular social media platforms have been known to implement new experimental features into their systems faster than anyone else. Such was the implementation of live feeds and hashtags in Facebook once it acquired Instagram and started its path towards transformation.


    Customer engagement has always been an issue when it comes to social media, with managers who don’t know how to go about communicating with their customers effectively. Looking for college term papers for you has always been a matter of luck on social media and that is about to change. In 2018, we can look forward to a more refined system of public communication between businesses and customers, with updated business pages and specialized groups available to anyone interested in communication.


    Support automation through Big Data


    Being available for clients and customers 24/7 can be difficult, especially for small firms and startups. That is why big data is going to change the way we engage customers through support in a big way. Automation is nothing new to the marketing scene, with chatbots being present on major sites throughout the internet, custom paper writing sites included.


    What makes big data implementation so different from regular chatbots is the fact that these algorithms will learn from company’s data servers in order to learn and evolve over time. This process is more-commonly known as machine learning, and it will allow companies to fully automate their customer support sectors with only supervisors being needed for the management of said services.


    Wearable digital apparel

    Digital watches, hearing devices and pacemakers are something we are accustomed to seeing in today’s age. However, with the advent of 2018, we will see smart devices implemented into our everyday apparel and styling.


    These devices already exist in the form of Apple and Android watches which allow for augmented reality features in our day-to-day activities. These include heart rate and pacing monitors, online news feeds, looking for college paper help, email notifications as well as Google search capabilities. This is possible through a synchronization process with the main device we keep in our pockets, mostly in the form of a mobile phone that pairs up with the apparel item.


    Mobile marketing development

    Mobile devices are coming to the forefront when it comes to marketing, application development and overall customer experience attention. This will allow companies to develop specialized marketing strategies aimed specifically at the mobile market, which is considerably larger than the desktop user market. Let's have an Introduction to Mobile Marketing in the Smartphone Era which will help you to understand what tools, strategies, platforms and best practices you can follow to strengthen your mobile marketing effors.


    The reason for this is that everyone has some form of a smartphone in their pocket nowadays, with a writing service or similar professional service within reach. Serving curated marketing content designed specifically for mobile applications is becoming easier than ever before thanks to this fact, and the market is only bound to grow in the coming year.


    Interactive marketing content

    Lastly, it will no longer be enough to serve up content to the potential customers and hope for the best. With the recent rise of VR and AR technologies not only in games and applications but also in term paper help and similar online services, people are expecting more care and attention in their content. Live streaming, Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, as well as any kind of live textual and visual interaction with your customer base does provide the needed interactive experience.


    Gone are the days of creating a clever video or visual content with a slogan and waiting for something to happen with the customer base. Even if your business is into something like college writing or customer experience and marketing development, you can rest assured that investing into augmented and virtual technologies is the smart thing to do with 2018 on the way.


    In Summation

    A digital marketing playground is a machine that never sleeps or rests, no matter what niche you operate in. Even people who specialize in writing term paper outlines have their work cut out for them with 2018 on the horizon.


    Customers expect more care aimed towards the content they experience on the web, and the more impressed they are, the more positive their response will be. Take these innovations and changes into consideration when outlining your business’s strategy for 2018 – using only one of these changes in a smart way can change the way you do business in a fundamental way.

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