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  • Top 10 Blockchain Development Technology Companies in USA

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    Blockchain is a digital ledger that allows to store data and keep records of the various kinds of kinds of transactions made between users. It operates on a decentralized network and thus there is no central authority ruling over or controlling the data and transactions made. Every blockchain developer aim towards building a platform where the users can interact with each other without any borders or limitations. Blockchain operates on internet and since it does not have a third party controlling it, it can reach n number of users at any place in the world. Thus, it is said to be borderless. There are many blockchain development company that use the advantage of paperless record keeping.


    This reduces the burden of paper record keeping. Making changes in the network is not as easy as it sounds and thus it is also safer to transfer funds and data. If any change has to be made, the whole network system has to be shut down and changed, which is almost impossible to undertake. Blockchain fosters opportunities for all business entities to expand their market with the ability of borderless and unrestricted access provided by blockchain.


    This article will help you to identify the suitable blockchain company that would meet your requirements.



    Best blockchain development companies in USA

    1. SoluLab Inc

    They offer their expertise skills in the development of blockchain and providing solutions to their business clients. They provide these solutions to all kinds of industry and are open to the market. They are willing to go beyond the boundaries to make ends meet and meet the requirements with the perfect client satisfaction. They focus on growing along with the world’s growth on decentralized network, making their company a one stop to meet all solutions needed.


    They have more than 80 plus staffs and have completed 180 plus projects successfully. They have two branches and have made more than 150 clients happy. They make sure to provide unique operating visibility to their client by providing quality solutions and maintaining punctuality. They are dedicated towards making sure to meet the requirements of goals set and giving their best. They are highly empathetic and perceive the goals from the shoes of their clients.


    They provide services like blockchain development solutions; mobile app, web development; cloud services; mobile app, web design, etc. Some of their prominent clients are Georgia Tech, Mercedes-Benz, Walt-Disney, etc.


    2. Leeway Hertz

    They have 10 years of experience in building various kinds of applications and proudly state that they are a blockchain development company. They promise to develop blockchain applications within 4 weeks, right from scratch till the end product.


    They comprise of IBM development partners and Hedera Hasgraph ambassadors in their blockchain development team. This makes them further more experienced. In the past 10 years, they have developed more than 100 plus digital application platforms for various kinds of startups and big giants.


    They provide services of blockchain application development to help global supply chain, provide identity solutions, etc. Some of their clients include, ESPN, 3M, SIEMENS, etc.  


    3. Intellectsoft

    They provide blockchain development services with various reliable software development partners. They are providing these services to various big giant clients who are in the list of fortune 500. Their clients include Jaguar, Nestle, Universal, etc.


    They have operated 10 plus years helping 35 companies that are among the fortune 500. They have employed 350 employees who work 24/7 in 6 different office branches. They focus on helping big giant companies to breakdown the technology challenges and transform their operations according to the digital changes. Through this they provide smart solutions by making smarter decisions.


    They provide other services like the extension of team through skills and training, product engineering, mobile development, etc.


    4. CIS (Cyber Infrastructure Inc.)

    They provide blockchain solutions and also provide best services to handle smart contracts, distributed and shared ledger. They provide blockchain consulting services like technology assessment, trends research, rapid prototyping, etc. They provide blockchain services like technology advisory, development and testing services. They focus on providing solutions for ICO launch, cryptocurrency and smart contracts development.


    Their development process is as follows. Initially they evaluate the blockchain opportunities, elaborate and design the application, then implementation of the developed blockchain solution. Next, they integrate this solution with the systems of the partner and then finally they deploy the blockchain solution. Some of their clients are Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, etc.


    5. Eleks

    They provide innovative market leading solutions to their clients like Reactoo, Russmann, Aramex, etc. They have been operating more than 27 years in the market providing efficient blockchain solutions. They also strive hard to stay up to date with the technology upgrades happening in the world. They have employed 1200 plus professionals to provide the best consulting services possible.


    They provide services in software engineering, technology consulting, data science, etc.


    6. Quest Global Technologies

    They focus on automating your business enterprise with information technology. They highly believe that information is the next best feature that is changing the world as we know. They work on social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies. They provide solutions with accuracy, quality and on time punctuality. They also strive hard to provide cost effective solutions such that there would be high return on investments (ROI).


    They have branches in 5 countries. Namely India, USA, Canada, Denmark and Zimbabwe. They provide services like cryptocurrency development, designing creativity, web development, etc.


    7. Sphinx Solutions

    They focus on providing solutions and services that help the clients to adapt and meet all requirements in the digital world through digitized operating manner. They strive hard to innovate and evolve. They provide services like blockchain development, mobile app development, ICO development, etc.


    They hire professionals with excellence who adapt, learn and are experts in what they do. They are committed towards innovating and being simple, honest, accountable to people with excellence.


    8. S-Pro

    They focus on and provide best mobile app and web development services by helping their clients to cultivate their ideas into accomplishing startups. They have hired employees who are perfectionists and are dedicated towards completing the set goals without constant monitoring. They strive hard to provide efficient solutions and also implement it in the best way possible.


    They are completely honest with their clients and help their clients with suggesting improvements in their ideas too. they provide user interface design, mobile app and web design, technical support, etc. The process they follow is first creating the initial project requirements, then designing the project, then planning the architecture of the application, then developing the application and finally the product modification if any needed.


    9. 10Clouds

    This company focuses on providing flawless code in all their application development. They have a team of 100 plus experienced application designers and developers. They provide services like blockchain development, mobile and web development, product design, etc.


    They provide best products and services with the help of high rated blockchain developers, designers and product owners. They provide blockchain solutions to industries like Healthcare, Fintech, Education, etc. Their blockchain development services include ICO development, ICO launch, DApp development, etc.  Some of their clients are Pinterest, asmodee, etc.


    10. Futurecomes

    They have 7 years of experience in providing blockchain solutions and handling various smart contracts and development of applications. They have provided a competitive advantage for their clients in the digital industry by operating on artificial intelligence and machine learning sectors. They provide a special package for start-up companies for web and mobile development, which attracts more clients towards them. This package states that within $30k they will provide all solutions of web app and mobile development to their start-up clients.

    Smarter decisions achieve a smarter outcome



    Each company provides different features which might suit different needs and requirements of your company. Make your own self-research and find the best suitable company that suits your interests. Good luck.  

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