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  • Tips on How to Hire a Good WordPress Development Company from India

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    Tips on How to hire a good WordPress Development Company from India


    WordPress is much-loved for its content management system (CMS) for long centuries. WordPress achieved one of the leading markets in terms of website development. Data shows that more than 15,886,000 websites on the internet are driven by WordPress. This has led to the development of Top WordPress website Development Company all over the world.


    Why WordPress enticed most of its target consumers? The lifelessness of its use created by WordPress one of the most renowned platform.


    First of all, being an open source CMS it is quite easy to understand and make use of it so it is chosen by most of the website developers.


    Next, it offers a wide array of templates, themes, and plugins. Most significantly, every feature can be adapted as per the requirements.


    What are the other aims which prove WordPress is always desirable? Let’s have a quick assessment here:

    •         Fast & easy setup   
    •         Easy and simple to update
    •         Build and modify the design of the theme
    •         Plugins to add functionality to the website without the use of coding
    •         WordPress acts as a perfect platform for search engine optimization


    At what point you want website Development Company? This is a common question frequently asked by specialists; let us assist you out in this.


    If you are viewing your website as a source of income or you wish to have a digital presence of your business then it is vital to bestow some money to create it comprehensible and for this determination, it is obligatory to hire a website development agency.





    How many WordPress assignments have the developer or company performed on? This is imperative to check their WordPress know-how. Don’t just be pleased by searching for their general collection. Explore the various types of WordPress projects they’ve seriously worked on.


    Tip: Also you should ask for case studies or WordPress projects that discuss integrations and custom WordPress development project.



    Does the company or developer work exceptionally on WordPress? This is a mainly valuable pointer in the Indian context because many folks would like to expand themselves thin in terms of expertise. Probably out of fear of dropping out on projects.


    Anyone who uses most of their time on WordPress comprehends the huge network around it much better, can recommend you on the accurate choices (there are 44,000 WordPress plugins to opt from) and can make sure the end product is designed to strategies move off in the WordPress community. For development of website using WordPress, you must need some best WordPress Plugins in 2018.


    Tip: WordPress offers various tracks to create a solution. Look for somebody who can look further than the temporary approach of placing different plugins together which provides long-term performance and scalability complications.



    WordPress is popular and booming even after 10 years of initiation. That’s primarily dropped to the open-source environment of the platform and the community all over the place.


    If you they really adore WordPress, you will find developers and firms returning to the WordPress platform.


    It can be in the procedure of contributing code to the WordPress platform, establishing meetups, supporting Word Camps (yearly events held in cities all over the world) or just teaching people about it through blogs.


    Tip: Find out if the agency or the developer has a dynamic blog or Git source.


    Regrettably, in India, you will find most of the people who claim to build on WordPress but do not hold profound knowledge about the platform or the cutting-edge developments in WordPress.


    If it’s quite easier HTML/CSS work, move forward and employ any web developer to assist you out. But if it’s going to be specified WordPress project that needs appropriate know-how and knowledge of WordPress, you’re more affluent employing a WordPress professional.



    However it’s easy to commence with WordPress for a developer with elementary know-how, the absence of complexity in their WordPress understanding will highlight in the worst performance, security subjects and coding standards. Not to remark the poor WordPress advice. Thus, let's begin with the leading things first - you must have to know what you'll have to hire. A great assignment or designer introduction is most vital for you to be able to find the perfect skill set.


    Build a great project intro or skillset description before hiring WP developers

    Before we explore where you can find the best WordPress coders, you have to know what type of people you're exactly searching for. Hence, before we look at places or methods of finding programmers or perhaps various websites where you can come across them, we have to, in fact, build a specification. The project intro will assist you to communicate with your WordPress systems analyst efficiently. For example, if you’re seeking to hire a WordPress professional to create a custom-built theme or plugin from the ground up, here are a few important things to think about while writing a project description.


    Objectives of the project – you have to openly mention what you want to attain via the web development job you’ll be employed for. Is it a theme customization? Plugin customization? Is it the development of a website plugin?


    Budget – it is vital that you are open with how much you mean to afford for this WP development job. Your systems analyst will need to comprehend the range of the project although from the budget you will be distributing. You, however, will want to know how much the job is exactly costing you. Projects perhaps not look as easy as you contemplate, so have some scope.


    Timeframe – it is significant to mention by when precisely you will want the coders to provide the ultimate description of the development project. This, obviously, will let the suppliers look whether they can receive this project due to other obligations which they might have


    Users and target consumers – At the same time as your other details in the project description should explain the determined and consumers of your WordPress development, by asserting undoubtedly the users you expect to utilize the development project, you are placing the sight


    Create guidelines and look and feel - it's expected that you've previously achieved brand strategies, usability needs, or have an overall indication of what you exactly want to get the result of the task to appear. This must be stated in detail in your project description.


    Success assessment – if you’ve performed the task with an agile method such as SCRUM, you will get to know that success of job does not rely on how something is attained but what the success measures of the close result. Similar goes for your website development project, your systems analyst have to understand how you will describe a successful project.


    In addition to the above fundamental and generic measures, your project description must deliberate the following items:


    Describe the frontend and backend features (development)

    The meticulous look and feel of your theme or plugin (design) - it's better to make use of replica tool to perform this, which will let you generate what you possess in mind actually and rapidly. For theme development, especially, you have to ensure you take nothing for fixed, they can obtain quite complicated. Will you provide to responsive and mobile devices? Will you require a customization background?


    Resources/ instances: Exhibit examples of your participants’ websites or websites for motivation.


    Milestones: You have to choose a number of milestones for development. You exactly want to track progress and milestones are the perfect technique to have a granted point where you can choose whether development project in your work is on track.


    Payments: this is, really, something which is the most crucial factor for both parties. Some websites will essentially have an escrow service which will defend both of you.


    If this isn't in proper space, you should always decide in writing how things are going to perform now. Terms of payment modes must be single-minded ahead of time.


    Deadline: certainly you need to have an exact timeframe for when your WP developer will submit their work. You should also decide what occurs if the time limit is missed, to make sure that development remains on a proper track.


    Communication: as with any other job, communication is crucial to the achievement or disaster of any project. Agree earlier how you will communicate, whether it's via email, chat, messenger, Skype or what you hold.


    If you are in altered time areas this is particularly significant, because their day may be your night and you will have a reversal time of about a day. Fix prospects on both sides to ensure you don't get dissatisfied.


    Output and deliverables: if you are building a plugin or theme for re-retailing, you have to decide what is going to be part of the work or not.


    You are more certainly going to work on designs, copy, documentation and lots of other productions. Decide on what builds part of the job and what is outside of the range of this web development job.


    Knowledgeable property: if you are employing an outworker, particularly on a temporary basis, who is going to possess the Knowledgeable Property of the developed end product?


    Agree whether you want to apply an auto-update device or not.


    What will take place if some viruses are exposed after you've decided that the job has been done? Will they provide you a guarantee period? How long will this be? What comes about when the guarantee period terminates?


    How would you resolve any security vulnerabilities which might be discovered? Again, security vulnerabilities should be considered serious bugs which need to be fixed within a very specific timeframe, and this should be agreed upon beforehand.


    Even if these are discovered, months or years after the job has been completed, there need to be clear terms of reference. CMS development, in particular, is very prone to these issues.


    You'll perhaps want to keep on building your project; hence it would be really amazing if you decide earlier how updates would occur.


    If you are planning to do this over and over again, you may want to place an agreement template so that every time you plan to employ a freelance WordPress developer, you'll only have to update the particular sections.


    This will make the employing process smaller, at the same time as making sure you are enclosed from all parts.


    A sample Job Description for finding WP developers

    If you're searching for programmers on a permanent basis, before a project short-term, you'll, in fact, need a full job description of what the job will involve. We've listed below a wide-ranging sample which you can replica and utilize for your personal hiring process.


    Use respected job boards with web developers for hire

    Job panels are incredible platforms to find freelancers for hire. The great part is that unlike Google search, you don’t have to spend time on examining and getting in touch them separately, In spite of it, the developers for hire will contact you, which can assist you to save substantial amounts of time.  All you have to do is to list your job on these job panel sites and compare between the offers you obtain from the candidates.


    Use Outsourcing sites for hiring freelance developers

    Next way to find applicants for your next development venture is making use of a bidding site or an outsourcing site. Above all, this approach is one of the simplest methods to find and employ a designer or programmer.



    The above points will always provide you with some basic concepts of how the project description should be ultimate. The more things you decide rather than your genuine employment to Hire CMS website developers, the better and the less expected that there will be a battle afterward in the project.


    In actual fact, the quality of your deliverable greatly depends on the project description you build. Make sure you elucidated the whole thing in the brief, thus, it evades any dissatisfaction down the track.


    That is why it is most vital to hire a good WordPress Development Company in India to design the websites on the WordPress platform.


    Author Bio:

    Manan Ghadawala founded 21Twelve Interactive, one of the leading mobile app development company in India, USA. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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