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  • The C# OCR Library: Converting Text from PDFs and Scanned Images

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    OCR or optical character recognition is a tech utilized to converted different types of documents. It can change information captured by digital cameras into searchable and editable data. The OCR tech has played a huge role in revolutionizing the tech world. It has brought numerous benefits to many businesses and enterprises globally. The technology is accurate and timesaving, which makes it a reliable tech for businesses to have.





    An image is the visual representation of anything. In the tech world, there are various formats for images. The JPEG format is an image created using the standards of the Joint Photographic Experts Groups, which is the group that comes up with the standards and ideas for the algorithm used in determining image density. The JPEG files are given the extension .jpg


    The SVG means scalable vector graphic and it is an image of XML as an app. Programs like browsers, which are compatible with XML, will display images that use data provided in the SVG format. Scalability simply means files may be viewed on computer screens of any size or resolution whether it is a small phone screen or a huge wide-screen PC or monitor. These files have the extension .svg


    GIF is a graphics exchange format. These files come with the .gif extension.


    Read Text from Images


    When you read text from images, you require a software that decodes the text in the images. The reason is that a human eye is unable to decode the data on images. It is where the use of OCR is so important. The OCR tech will translate any image into text. There are various ways to utilize OCR tech to decode the text in images.




    These are Portable Document Formats. They display documents regardless of the software, hardware, or OS. As a result, the quality does not degrade no matter the device.


    Benefits of PDF


    The quality of images and data does not degrade on various OS or devices.

    PDFs allow you to use images, text, videos, animations, 3D models, and other file formats. It makes it easy to fit everything in a single document with ease.


    With PDF, work can be encrypted with ease. If you are working on a sensitive project, you can encrypt the work to ensure it is secure from prying eyes.


    PDF formats also take up little space. It is especially so compared to other file types. Despite this, it can carry a lot of information, which makes it convenient to use.


    Reading Text from PDFs


    One way to read the text from a PDF is by using the OCR tech. The OCR c# code project is an example of a service that will let you extract text from a PDF that is smaller than 5MB. It helps you to edit a PDF into editable Microsoft .docx. Another component of the .net OCR library open source project you can use is the STD viewer. It is used to convert any PDF into text.


    The Benefit of Reading Text from a PDF or Image


    • Higher Productivity

    You can be more productive by reading text from PDFs and images and get quicker retrievals of data. It reduces the time employee need to extract data. The time can be used elsewhere.


    • Reducing Costs

    You reduce the cost of hiring people to extract data for you. You cut the cost of shipping, printing, and copying.


    • High Accuracy

    When reading and typing by hand, there is a chance to alter the details. OCR helps to increase the accuracy of data relayed.




    The c# OCR library open source tech has many benefits for many industries. It has helped to enhance security and keep crucial data from prying eyes. However, it could still do with improvements in the future.

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