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  • The Best PDF Android Apps for Editing, Reading, Annotating

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    Reading information is the simplest and most common way to memorise and gain knowledge. Recent medical studies have found that when you annotate, your mind develops a specific relationship with the text, allowing you to memorise more easily.


    Nowadays, the Android market is flooded with different kinds of PDF readers. So, we’ve decided to compile this article and narrow your choice between the best readers available in the store.


    Xodo PDF Editor


    Xodo allows you to read, edit and annotate PDF files easily. It supports cloud storage and allows collaboration tools for annotation in real time. Moreover, you can quickly fill forms and even e-sign documents.


    Annotate Notes


    One of the most important features of the Xodo Editor is that it allows you to highlight text. For the purpose, you must tap the centre of your screen to bring up the action menu.


    From there, you must select the highlighter icon from the annotation toolbar. To highlight a sentence, simply drag the marker with your finger and you are ready. By clicking Style, you can change the annotation type, colours and even the opacity.


    Furthermore, you can add specific comments within the text by tapping on it. Other supported features include underlining, interlinking, strikeout and etc.


    From the Hamburger menu, you can select continuous annotation edit, which would swap the toolbars, allowing you to focus only on highlighting.


    Export Notes


    Exporting notes has never been this easy. Simply, tap the centre of the screen and select the Bookmark icon. Then go to the Annotations tab and click on Export. This would generate a new PDF document in a new tab with all annotations.


    Moon+ Reader


    Yet another application that gives you control over the text and your viewing experience. With few clicks, you can switch between day & night mode or simply tune the brightness the way you want.


    Other viewing options include rendering quality, thumbnails, font type, spacing, alignment and much more.


    Annotate Notes


    As we’ve already noted, this app focuses on viewing quality. That’s why there are many options that allow you to customise it. For example, from the Options menu, you can choose the render quality.


    To create a highlight, simply drag your finger to the end of the sentence. Tap on Note to add a comment on a specified text. When you’re done editing, click the Bookmarks button, then Share and choose whether you’d like to export in HTML or TXT.


    Soda PDF


    Done highlighting the important information from your documents? Now, you can easily merge multiple files into a single PDF from your iOS or Android device. Whether it will be important documents, photos or bank statements, Soda PDF will do the job flawlessly.


    The Merge application supports more than a hundred file formats, allowing you to convert everything you have in a PDF. If it is not a document, then snap a photo and the application will seamlessly convert it into PDF.


    Moreover, you can easily share your work with others by attaching it directly to an e-mail or share it to your social media profiles.


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