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    What is Test Case?

    Test case is an in-detail document that consists of step by step procedure to test the application.
    It consists of navigation steps,all the possible scenarios and all the possible inputs that needs to be tested for application.

    Characteristics of good Test cases:

    1.It should contain maximum test coverage.
    2.It should be easy to read,understand and in-detail.
    3.It should be in proper flow.
    4.Each test case should be independent.

    Why should we write Test cases?

    1.To have maximum test coverage.
    2.Time saving process.
    3.Once test cases are written test engineer don't have to think again.
    4.Test cases can be re-used.
    5.If a new test engineer joins the team,he can directly start testing by seeing test cases.
    6.To have test consistency i.e, we can test in proper flow.
    7.Same values can be tested across multiple releases without missing any scenario.
    8.Test cases can be used for automation.

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