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  • System Network: Different Categories of Network Connections

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    There are many types of system networks including the home network connections, internet network connection and business network connections. Gadgets can use any one of them to pair with network connections. It is not necessary that every network is compatible with the technology equipped in the device and vice-versa. The Ethernet cables can support the platform of the broadcast, but IP (Internet Protocol) version 6 doesn't support it.


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    Apart from the three basic network connections (namely point-to-point connections, broadcast connections, multipoint connections), there are following other trendy network connectivity which coexists as mentioned given below:


    1. Fixed Broadcast Internet Network Connections

    The terminology of "Broadband" delivers the number of meanings. Its general means is that having faster internet speed deployed at the particular place. The network in private places has the linkage with the internet through fixed broadband. The installation of the fixed broadband is kept at a location physically, and it is not the portable. Because of the availability and accessibility of internet connections, it is restricted to the big cities and suburbs. It is now having the competition with the Mobile internet network connections, so it is now improving its quality along with the cheaper cost.


    2. Mobile Internet Connections

    The terminology of "Mobile Internet" signifies the data network services which can be availed through the wireless network connections with many different positions. It performs lower as compared to the internet service provided by the fixed broadband network. Comparatively, it has a higher cost. But now it has emerged as the best alternative of a fixed broadband network with the affordable cost.


    3. VPN (Virtual; Private Network) Connections

    The VPN comprises of the hardware system and software system and along with the tunneling method for connecting the secured network in the infrastructure of the public network system. A VPN needs the particular configuration setup at the end of clients. The settings related to the network connections can be changed as per the different categories of the VPN. In this connections, failed to try to pair the device with the VPN and abrupt internet connections drop down are some of the common challenges here.


    4. Dial-up Network Connections

    This type of connection enables the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or IP communication network over the phone cables. It was used as the source of internet access services in the late 1990s and early days of the 2000s. It provides the confined range of bandwidth.


    5. LAN (Local Area Network) Connections

    It indicates the network is having the number of devices present in the proximity with one to another device. LAN was very popular in the time of 2000s. With the emergence of the home-based networking connectivity, LAN takes its faster step in its popularity. Since the LAN connections are developed for the general way for supporting the combination of the many devices, it is difficult to manage LAN. Communication using LAN needs the extra element for routing due to the constraints of its limited pairing distance. 


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