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  • Some Common Test Scenarios for Security Testing

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    Hello, Readers.

    By this blog, I am sharing some common test scenarios for the Security Testing. I hope these will help in the time of security testing:-

    1- Verify that secure or protect pages should be used HTTPS protocol.
    2- Verify for SQL injection assaults or injection attacks.
    3- Verify application logout function or behavior.
    4- Verify for Brute Force Attacks.
    5- Verify for memory leakage.
    6- Verify that password should not be saved in cookies.
    7- Cookie data should be saved in encrypted arrangement only.
    8- Session tokens should be transferred above the secured or assured channel.
    9- Test the CAPTCHA utility or functionality.
    10- Verify if important occurrences are logged in log files.
    11- Verify password and other delicates fields should be hidden while typing.
    12- Verify each credential or reference should be transmitted over an encrypted medium.
    13- Verify to disappear special characters in the input.
    14- Verify any error messages should not disclose any delicate data or information.
    15- Verify password security and password policy compulsion.
    16- Verify delicate fields as passwords, debit card or credit card details etc should not have autocompleted permitted.
    17- Verify session cookie period and session expiration after logout or intermission.
    18- Verify if forgot password functionality is assured with characteristics as - provisional or temporary password expiry after set times and security question is inquired ahead changing or applying a new password.

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