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  • Simple Technology Things Employees Can Do to Optimize Their Computers

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    Computers were introduced in the business world as early as the 1980s, increasing job efficiency and productivity of workers and employers alike. Living and running a business in a fast-paced society, fast and reliable computers are a must-have for most employers of all industries. According to Spiqy online magazine, to optimize their computers, all employees can do simple things without burning a big hole in their budget.


    Computers tend to slow down over time because of a number of reasons. One of them is filling up your hard drive with unnecessary software which loads automatically every time you start the PC. Another reason is that of unwanted files cluttering and taking up much space in your RAM or you might be simply running out of hard disk drive. Not enough RAM causes your hard drive to work harder by trying to compensate for the lack of memory. Employee's lack of care can also cause problems to a computer's performance.

    With that being said, here are simple things all employees can do to optimize their computers

    1. Try full rebooting. Rebooting flushes out your RAM allowing your computers to recuperate, remove some minor pc errors, recover from hang, improve internet connection and apply changes after installing new programs
    2. Keep your Windows up to date. To check, go to your Start Menu, and type “Live Update”.
    3. Remove unnecessary software. Simply go to your Start Menu, select Control Panel and choose the program/software you’d like to delete.
    4. Clean up unused files. Removing unnecessary files can boost your computer’s performance.
    5. Disable Window’s Visual Effects will lessen the visual appeal of Windows but can also improve your pc’s performance, speed and responsiveness.
    6. Turn on High Performance. This one favors performance but may use more energy.
    7. Disable Programs that contain components that automatically run at startup. Just right click the Start Menu, choose Task Manager, click Startup and choose disable the program you want to deactivate.
    8. Install System Mechanic for Business by iolo Technologies. When everyone else fail to  do their job and get your PC back on track, use System Mechanic for Business. It is a tool that is fast and very easy to use. They even offer coupons for multiple purchases.


    You do not need to be an expert to run the System Mechanic for Business. You can easily perform dozens of optimizations that will surely boost performance in just one click. It has everything you need to fix, speed up, and repair you small office PCs.


    What makes the System Mechanic for Business the perfect tool for a fast and optimized computer?


    • It fixes and prevents PC issues that slow down business productivity
    • Avoid the unnecessary costs of PC replacement - PC TotalCare Tune Up will keep your PC running like new so there’s no need to buy new computers or exhaust your IT department’s precious time
    • Patented Activecare technology automates PC maintenance – this feature beats scheduled tools by automating over 59 maintenance tasks.
    • Network Installation, which means the IT department can remotely install the software to all the computers of the network.
    • Proprietary technology for maximum speed, power, and stability.


    System Mechanic for business only costs about $47.40 for 3 PCs, good for 1 whole year. Iolo gives 75% system mechanic coupons for all editions including the business edition. Iolo coupons are available online for free. Check technology blogs, forums and coupons sites. This way the entire company can get its computers performance to the peak and save money and time from unnecessary upgrades and lagging. 

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