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  • Shopify Launch Easy Integration With eBay Sales Channel

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    Shopify is the leading e-commerce platforms based on cloud and designed for e-commerce retailers in small and medium-sized.


    To manage and design stories across multiple channels of sales merchant’s uses the popular platform, including marketplaces, mobile, web, social media, even mortar stores and bricks. Through Shopify, account merchants are able to sell and list their products on eBay. Reach on 170 million buyers. All sales channels are in one place and store’s inventory are managed. On eBay’s global marketplace brand footprint are expanded.


    By selling product through the retail store for a long time, multichannel sales strategy are recommended by sales and marketing experts. The term multichannel sales strategy refers to products are between commerce interact, brick and mortar storefront. When the products are sold through multiple channels like offline, online, and anywhere in between by offering customers to interact with multiple touch points. There are many types of online platforms and marketplaces where products are sold.


    For a business, not every channel are good. It will be difficult if strategies rely on the recognizable brand. For sales commissions or product, listings charge fees by many online channels. If the goal is to sell products in huge volume, these websites will benefit. With minimum technical knowledge and market are required for the large database for these marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy is designed to process easily. It’s rights for everyone to choose the marketplace or channel. There are some ways to choose the right channels and retail business.



    There are dozens of platforms and websites to sell products. Each website has their own pros and cons, there are many opportunities to explore from Amazon SEO to Etsy to eBay and Facebook. To reach customers there are the variety of options, it’s important to focus on business, audience, products, and brand. Depends on few factors the right online sales channels are decided:


    Business model:

    •    Manufacturing own products.

    •    Earning money from wholesale.


    Payment process system and cash flow:


    •    Square, Paypal, Google Wallet, or Applepay are accepted.

    •    How providers fees are working with sales channel.

    •    How does cash flow work in the auction to sell a product, wait to close for a period of time in the auction window or the fixed price is set?

    •    For paying the commission fee is profit margin are supportable.


    Audience and habits:


    •    In specific place, a lot of time or money for shopping spend by the audience or not, like checking bidding in eBay or in Amazon prime.

    •    The product is designed for specific group or mass appeal.


    Position and brand in the market:


    •    In a position as luxury brand and functionality in mass production.

    •    Is it the unique item or hard to find

    •    A product which suits the specific group of people.


    Business Goal:


    •    How they scale in business.


    Types of selling the products:


    •    Which popular products are sold to the average person?

    •    Do they sell product on target to the specific person?

    •    Do they sell unique products like antique pieces or one kind of items?


    Weak and strength of each channel.


    By answering these questions it will help to identify the various sales channel, by considering all these steps in order to find the right and best-fit products.




    There are some common types of online sales channels and marketplace:

    1. General marketplace: Amazon is a general marketplace to sell products like books, electronics, DVDs and others in mass appeal. The fee will depend on items.
    2. Auction Marketplace: eBay is one of the well-known marketplaces in online.
    3. Social Media: Through Instagram or Facebook which integrate to sell directly. It will simply to sell the product.
    4. Crafts and Handmade marketplace: Etsy is the best and well-known marketplace for vintage, handmade and crafty products.
    5. On-demand production: by printing components CafePress enables to sell and to design products.
    6. Unique Item: Bonanza is a great place for sellers in apparel and fashion industry.
    7. Daily deals: Groupon is a good example for exchange and discounts the products by promoting through the website and email list.




    To increase the sales velocity, manage eBay orders, can effortlessly sync products by integrating Shopify business on eBay. It’s very easy and simple to merge Shopify development business in eBay. To give business exposure in instant to the eBay mobile app and online marketplace in Shopify eBay’s partnership. It’s not easier to visible the products and the better seller.


    There is the step to do when and what is done Shopify and eBay selling:

    • By consolidating order management and inventory between eBay and Shopify.
    • By growing brand footprint in eBay’s global marketplaces.
    • From inside Shopify, manage eBay business policies.
    • Increasing selling velocity.
    • By Using built-in eBay messaging communicate with customers.
    • By using mobile and web products are visible to buyers more than 170 million.


    Now it’s right to sell in Shopify and eBay. eBay app will simplify and multi-channel strategy it will take business to next level.


    Same like Shopify’s partnership with Facebook, Amazon, and other selling channels, now eBay effortlessly syncs with Shopify store.

    • US and Canadian merchants sell in USD and CAD to gain a million buyers in worldwide.
    • 370 millions of people have downloaded the eBay mobile apps for shopping it’s a big mobile opportunity, with 9 billion order through mobile devices.




    To create eBay listing services simply add new products details in Shopify and sync information of products in eBay sales channel. By entering product information manually time are saved an entire product catalog like eBay listing, retail store, online store, and all other sales channel are managed from one place. With available inventory in all active sales channels, Shopify is synced. Reports in total revenue, snapshots in top performing, shipping cost are easy to understand in eBay orders.


    The eBay channel gives:

    • Within Shopify, inventory and orders are managed.
    • Through Shopify, eBay orders are fulfilled.
    • From eBay sales, it’s easy to reconcile revenue using Shopify reports.
    • For eBay listing, unique prices are set.
    • From inside Shopify, eBay business policies are managed.

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