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  • Selenium IDE

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    Selenium IDE

    It is a web based automation testing tool which uses selenese command to generate test scripts, it is a UI based Record/Playback tool which works only in open browser.

    Selenium IDE is implemented as a Firefox plugin i.e, we can not use selenium IDE tool with other browsers.

    Whenever you open selenium IDE by default record button will be pressed i.e, selenium IDE is ready to record user actions. Not all actions is recorded like mouse movement and keyboard operation.

    Selenium IDE does not support encrypt and decrypt password. Using this tool we can do basic operations like play and record, selenium IDE does not support client-server application and stand alone applications, it only support web based applications.

    Selenium IDE command syntax:

    Following things are used in selenium IDE command syntax:

    1. Name of the command:- Wait For Page To Load(), Click And Wait(), Select And Wait(), Get Text(), etc.
    2. Targets/locators:- Target/locators are used to identify web element in UI based on browser HTML code, in selenium IDE there are four locators:
      (i) ID
      (ii) Name
      (iii) Xpath
      (iv) CSS locators

    3. Value:- We have to specify the value which is required, basically it is test data.

    Advantages of Selenium IDE:

    1. Selenium IDE can be used for object identification.
    2. We can convert selenium IDE scripts to Web Driver or RC test scripts.
    3. It is a UI based record/playback tool.

    Disadvantages of Selenium IDE:

    1. Works only with Firefox browser.
    2. Works only in opened browser i.e, can't launch a new browser.
    3. Can't insert conditional and loop statements.
    4. Does not have a feature to robust frameworks.

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