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  • Raspberry Pi Projects: 7 We Like the Most

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    The Raspberry Pi is an amazing little thing for the ones that understand it and its various applications across the many small but creative projects which have been ushered in through the years. The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (Pi 3 B+) is the latest iteration of this tiny computer, and although we would really appreciate a more powerful and capable version of the Pi it will not come out before 2020. Till then, these seven are more than enough to keep your genius mind busy.


    The Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Retro Arcade Gaming Kit

    It’s quite a mouthful to say all that so we are just going to refer it as the Vilros Pi 3+ Retro Gaming Kit. It’s one of the best and most complete retro gaming projects based on the Pi 3 B+ that we have come across so far and even features two classic gamepads to support some couch multiplayer gaming.


    Everything you need to build the Vilros Retro Console is included in the package and it’s really easy to put it all together as well. The Vilros Pi 3 B+ Retro Console is perfect for beginners and a delightful project for everyone in general.


    Portable RetroPi

    What’s better than building a tiny handheld retro console with a tiny handheld computer? Probably a lot of other things, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless!


    While the finished RetroPi can be a spectacular and entertaining device, it isn’t by any means a project for beginners. The Portable RetroPi requires actual knowledge, previous experience with similar projects, and even some soldering experience, so this is only meant for the experienced Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.


    The Smart Mirror Project

    Have you ever considered the possibility of having a mirror in your room which can not only help you dress up, but can also display the weather, time, and tell you about what’s going on in the world by showing small lines of news?


    Well, if you are reading this, maybe you have! Hacker House built the Magic Mirror or Smart Mirror and the video is on YouTube if you are interested.


    The Palmtop

    If you thought that notebooks with 10-inch displays were portable, wait till you get a load of the Palmtop Project, powered by the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3.


    The Adafruit project has a 3.5-inch display and even comes with its own tiny wireless Rii keyboard and a 2,000mAh battery pack. After understanding the core concepts of the palmtop project, much better palmtop projects have since been introduced to the world of Raspberry Pi, but this is one of the originals.


    If you have the know-how, you can essentially build this with your own selection of components and without having to rely on any one manufacturer (except the Raspberry Pi, of course).


    Smart Speaker

    Amazon and Google have made smart speakers more popular than they probably needed to be! The question is, why would you shell out so much money for an Amazon Echo or a Google Home when you can build your own smart speaker at home with Alexa or the Google Assistant in it?


    It’s not exactly an easy project and its legality might pose some questions, but as long as you don’t try to sell them to anybody for profit, you should be okay. Check out this YouTube video to see what amazing things you can do with the modest Pi 3 B+.


    Just in case you are more interested in having the Google Assistant onboard your self-made smart speaker, the steps are quite similar. Just search it on YouTube and you will come across the tutorial you need.


    Pi Arcade Cabinet

    There is just something about the Raspberry Pi and arcade games that go together like bread and butter. Therefore, the next project on the list would be the world’s tiniest arcade cabinet project.


    Powered by the Pi Zero, it has a 0.96-inch OLED display, and an inbuilt audio amplifier too. In all honesty, this one is an aesthetic, novelty project which has more creative and collector’s value than practical value, unless you have a hamster who is intelligent enough to play video games, of course!


    Personal Media Center (OSMC)

    The Open Source Media Center (OSMC) software allows users to convert their Raspberry Pi 3 B+ into personal media servers. You might be surprised at the freedom and quality once you start using it.


    The list of projects and the possibilities of creative excellence with the Raspberry Pi are virtually unlimited. The creative genius of Pi enthusiasts will take it to whole new dimensions once the Raspberry Pi 4 is released in 2020, and one can only imagine what other awesome projects we will see come to life when it reaches the right people with time on their hands.

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