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  • Php server variables

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    Hello Readers,
    Today we will discuss about "Php server variables".

    $_SERVER is one of the tremendous world-wide specifics within PHP. It includes information regarding headers, server, web host in addition to and many others. Its content has enormous directory information along with proper world-wide indices.

    There are few type of variable which we listed below :-

    1. Server information
    2. Header information
    3. Details on PHP page request
    4. File name or path information
    5. Remote user information

    1. Server information :-

    • GATEWAY_INTERFACE: Holds the name of common gateway version under which server is running.
    <?php $_SERVER['GATEWAY_INTERFACE']; ?> 

    • SERVER_NAME: Holds the server name.
    <?php $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; ?>

    • SERVER_ADDR: Holds server IP address.
    <?php $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR']; ?>

    • SERVER_PORT: Hold the port number of the server.
    <?php $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']; ?>

    • SERVER_PROTOCOL: Holds the name of the protocol.
    <?php $_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL']; ?> 

    1. Server Header information :-

    • HTTP_HOST: IT holds the http host information.
    <?php $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; ?>

    • HTTP_CONNECTION: It holds the http connection information.
    <?php $_SERVER['HTTP_CONNECTION']; ?> 

    • HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET: Charaterset information.

    • HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING: Encoding nformation.

    • HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE: Language information.


    1. Details on PHP page request :-



    1. 4. File name or path information

    • PHP_SELF: Hold the current url of the page.
    <?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>

    • DOCUMENT_HOLD: Hold name of the root directory as specified in PHP configuration file php.ini.
    <?php $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_HOLD']; ?>

    • QUERY_STRING: Hold the parameter of the url i.e, localhost/demo/home.php?user_id="1"
    <?php $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; ?>    

    • REQUEST_URL: full path of the page running currently.
    <?php $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; ?>

    • SCRIPT_FILENAME: full path of the page running currently.
    <?php $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'];?>

    • PATH_INFO:It consists information if anything given at the client side.
    <?php $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']; ?>

    1. Remote user information

    <?php $_SERVER['REMOTE_HOST']; ?>

    <?php $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; ?

    <?php $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; ?>

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