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  • Meet the Hottest Tech Investment Trends of 2018

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    Technological investment has always been an alluring subject to consider. Who can deny that the investment market has become more lucrative than ever before given the nature of tech development in recent history? With the fast approach of 2018, new trends are poised to take the scene by the storm and ensure that investors make their money back in spades. What are some of the hottest and most important tech investment trends you should keep an eye out for in 2018?


    ·       Crypto-currencies

    Bitcoin, Ethereum Gold and crypto-currency trends have become more and more dominant on the online market. These digital currencies are taking the investment market over without any signs of stopping. It has recently been revealed that Bitcoin keeps growing as the leading crypto-currency with a 500% growth rate annually. This is a huge number no matter if you are into essay writing or simply stock trading as a professional.


    Investing into digital currencies with a plan to invest those earnings into further business development has become a thing of norm for many online businessmen. Trading these currencies for anything from physical items and shipments to getting college help is no harder than entering your credit card details, but much safer as a whole.


    ·       AI-driven vehicles

    Everyone watched a sci-fi movie or two while growing up and saw a flying car or an autonomous car rolling around. Tesla’s Elon Musk has revealed his company’s plans about developing AI-driven cars and other vehicles in the foreseeable future. This provides potential investors with a good opportunity to land a few stock shares in the company and ensure they are a part of history.


    While these vehicles are still far away from science fiction tales we see come to life on the big screen, they are already capable of following clear roads and traffic signs without direct involvement of the passengers. Experts, top writers and programmers around the world are working with companies such as Tesla, Google and Nvidia in order to make sure that the development of autonomous vehicles becomes an even more alluring opportunity for investors.


    ·       Virtual Reality Hardware/Software

    Virtual Reality (VR) headgear and accessories have been around for a couple of years now, developing alongside software support that serves to showcase their true potential. These accessories offer users an ability to experience a virtual reality environment which can be used not only for entertainment but also for professional development, military training, personal pleasure as well as medical treatments.

    The immense capabilities of such hardware are only now beginning to show their true potential with developers and investors alike. Looking for essay help tomorrow might be a matter of thinking about it and guiding your sight towards the proper webpage. Even if you are not looking for a top writing service, VR headgear can be used for video experiences, interactive input-based courses as well as simply web browsing from the leisure of your armchair. VR is a very lucrative market to consider and one poised to develop even further with the coming year.


    ·       Social media marketing

    Social media has become an integral part of our everyday life. Whether you are looking for a friend to chat with, share pictures with your family or writing help from a professional service, social media is bound to cover your needs. This is why social media development investments are becoming more lucrative by the day. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become irreplaceable parts of the society to a scary degree. While many users tend to focus on the social aspects of using these services, businesses and international corporations see these platforms as good investment into cheap marketing.


    You can reach any audience by using social media advertisement, which is exactly why these platforms are growing at such an exponential rate. You don’t exist in the society without a social media profile, which is why investment in these growing social trends can provide very rich results in short time spans.


    ·       Drone delivery systems

    Companies around the world are opting out of physical shipments via ships, trucks or any other land or sea type of transportation. Instead, they are focusing their efforts on developing safe and direct transportation of goods via pre-programmed drones capable of delivering personalized packages. A lot of care and effort has been put into developing socially-acceptable drones that fly around cities and deliver goods to doorsteps of those who ordered goods from certain companies. One of the most influential successes on the market is Amazon with their Prime Air program of using drones to deliver shipments. Investing into this type of delivery system can be very beneficial for people who get on top of the trend early on, since the systems are still being developed.


    ·       3D printing

    Building anything up from scratch by using polymer materials and programmed printing lasers sounds like a sci-fi trope come to life. However, 3D printers have continued to increase in size and decrease in price, meaning that they are pushing their way towards a global, public market. They are bound to become more available to masses with the introduction of smaller models that are capable of printing household items and decorations at very low costs. Investment into 3D printing is very sought after given the nature of recent developments and the ability of said machines to print even medical bracers or prototype nutritious sustenance. The possibilities of said printers are limited only by the imagination of users who possess it, which makes them a very popular trend to look out for in the coming year.


    In Summation

    The hottest trends to take over the investment market in 2018 are also bound to change the way we use technology as a whole. People who make smart investments today will likely see revenue spikes and huge ROI due to their careful planning and considerate actions.

    Think carefully about how each of these developments affects the world and choose your investment battles wisely if you are considering taking part in them. The coming year promises to be even more exciting than this year when tech developments are in question.

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