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  • List of Top 9 Programming Languages for IoT Application Development

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    Internet of Things is seen everywhere in our lives today. It is no longer a technology that was unreachable. IoT application development is done by several companies to create a good living environment. It is being implemented in several industries like health, banking, automobiles, and entertainment. With IoT technologies, one can track anything they want even from remote locations.


    In our everyday life, we can find several applications of IoT that makes our lives smart. IoT is not just innovation but it has evolved into an important aspect of many industries. There is plenty of scope for this in the coming years. Like every technology around us, IoT application development is made possible with the help of a programming language. In this article, there is a list of the top programming languages used by a custom software development company.


    Understanding the requirement for IoT solutions



    IoT applications and solutions use small sensors to collect the data. When this is set on a machine or even a person, it starts collecting data. This data is continuously sent to the hub connected to it. All the received data is organized here and is sent to the main server. A mobile application development company will use a small programming language as IoT involves microarchitecture. In some cases, the IoT app development company can use a big language too. It depends upon the amount of big data the sensor is expected to collect.



    C is the most common programming language that is used to develop electronic devices. This is one of the basic languages that are still preferred by developers. This does hold good for IoT applications as it can support small devices too. This is an embedded programming language that is suitable for IoT application development. It also does not require a lot of processing power. It is highly recommended for low-level codes and just RAM is sufficient. Any custom software development company can develop a code for sensor applications using C programming language.


    2. Java

    Java being another popular programming language, is highly suitable for an IoT application. This is because Java is portable when compared to other languages. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in this language is useful in transferring any code to a small sensor. This is a built-in advantage that is essential for IoT app development. The processing power is not very high and there are no hardware limitations too. Java is highly compatible and is the most used programming language after C. In fact, it is used in several mobile applications and devices. The major advantage in Java is that code can be written even for very small devices. Java is an open source software which is a big plus point to develop individualistic applications.


    3. Go

    The Go programming language is very similar to C but it is a bit more advanced. It is a language that was developed by Google. Go aims to send or receive data without any restrictions. Also, both sending and receiving data can be done at the same time. This is suitable for IoT applications as big data can be sent or received seamlessly. Developers face data loss as it is sent both ways simultaneously.


    4. JavaScript

    This programming language is the most common language on the web browser. This is used in web development and HTML programs. This is surely an advantage as the code written on this language can be easily adapted for an IoT application. This is also one of the recommended languages for the IoT app development company. Developers will not need to learn any new language to develop code for sensors. JavaScript runs on Node.js which is a good option for collecting data and sending them to the hub.


    5. Python

    Most of the web applications use Python as their programming language. This is a versatile language as it can be adapted on any device. It is a relatively easy programming language that can be learned by any developer. Hence, this can be used by the IoT app development company. The syntax is simple and readable. This makes the development of an IoT application easy. Python is also popular in maintaining complex codes. It is the best programming language to send complex data. In recent days, this is seen as a very supportive language. It is good for all small to medium sized projects. The processing power is moderate and is gaining popularity for IoT systems.


    6. Rust

    Mozilla has developed this programming language which is an open source software. This is usually compared with Google's Go. However, this is a better developing language than Go. It can easily send data end-to-end without data loss. The processing power is more than other programming languages.

    7. PHP

    Earlier PHP was considered only for blogs and websites alone. A custom software development company is opting for this language as it is suitable for small devices. Just like Java, the created code can be transferred to a chip that is inserted in the sensor. Developers think that this is a better option that has a moderate coding level along with suitable features for IoT development.


    8. Parasail

    Parasail is a programming language that is supporting parallel processing. All of the other programming languages here are examples of concurrent processing. So if a mobile application development company is looking for a parallel processor to develop IoT application then this is a reliable option. However, the layout and syntax of the language are similar to C and Java.


    9. Swift

    Swift was designed to develop iOS applications for Apple devices. This can be used for writing codes for IoT applications by using an Apple device as a hub. It was developed based on the embedded program C. So, it is gaining popularity among developers. This is a new platform for developers to explore. Apple is also developing many libraries to make integrations possible.


    It is always the choice of the IoT app development company to select a programming language to develop IoT applications. As IoT is receiving a lot of demand, it is the best option to start with a known language.

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