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  • List of Top 5 Tips to Write the Title of The Blog That People Cant Help but Click

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    Coming up with a title is an art. Of course, it does not need a graduation course but you have to be the Leonardo Da Vinci of blogging for it or at least close to him. Why him only? 

    Because you have to consider the fact that why BuzzFeed or pop sugar are getting so many clicks or visitors. People love to read their articles, and coming to an article is a very secondary thing.  Judging whether the article is good or not comes later, but as the creator of Ogilvy and Mathers, David Ogilvy once said:


    “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”


    The reason why few sites get such massive traffic than others are, they are powerful and come with real engaging headlines that make people want to know what is really behind those headlines. 


    Consider it like decorating a cafe among the thousands around. Now you cannot pull people in your café, that is never going to happen, but your decor is the only way to attract people to come to your café and the first battle of the war is won. The rest depends on the kind of food you serve and the amount of comfort they feel to be in your cafe.


    There is no road map to walk on for a lightning result but there has been a particular type of headlines that have proven themselves to be successful over the past years. 


    Why Do Headlines Matter? 

    They are the only window to your content. The fact upon the blogging and article section on the net is, they are in huge numbers. It will take an unfathomable number of days to go through each and every article, and expect from a person to go through your mail just because you spent enough time on research and came up with a really good article is not going to work. 


    Your article will be judged, your brand will not be emancipated but will be competed with the rest of the world. This is the only reason why you need to be right on the face, match the perspective and make your first impression that would last till your blog’s last line is read.

    Apart from an enticing headline, you will have to make sure that the blog’s title is focusing on the subject of your article and is an apt representation of your article and values.  


    A misleading title or a fake title would land you in the net dump zone, where nobody visits. Not even Google.


    The Formula:

    Melanie Duncan’s 4U formula is one of the major cheat codes that you would ever find in the net space area. It is already viral, and many-many bloggers and companies are using it to get fruitful results. The formula says: 


    4 -U Headline Formula: USEFUL + URGENT + UNIQUE + ULTRA-SPECIFIC



    Time has become a commodity, and there are hardly any people who actually read blogs because he or she loves to read blogs. The ratio is too less to target whereas composing the headline that must sound useful like: 

    “10 Ways fix your utility bills and how to pay less”

    The moment you will put something that is obviously important to almost any reader, and here any means the majority of all, would definitely land to your page this is how you win your first war. 



    Have you ever heard of FOMO? It stands for, “A Fear of Missing Out”. Almost 69% of millennials experience this phenomenon, and as per the Strategy Online, 60% of millennials actually make reactive purchases only because of FOMO. You can simply say that they’ll buy it just because they feel they might miss the opportunity and lose to others. 

    Now there is so much in the world that is trying to grab our attention, so we as a reader usually ignore something that is not time-sensitive, because of FOMO. When a reader finds something urgent, they click on the information right away. Nobody wants to miss the opportunity that is there for a limited period of time. For example: 


    “Avoid this simple mistake that we all make in our workplace, before its too late.” 

    Although, the urgency is the hardest sector of all 4s that are mentioned above and it won't work with every kind of topic that you gonna compose. If you ever go out of options and need to strike out any U out of all the 4s, strike this one out at the 1st front. 



    Notoriously, clever and unique punch lines are the show stealers. They simply stick out of the crowd and function spontaneously into the reader’s mind and pique the reader’s interest and they end up clicking your headline. BuzzFeed has been doing it, and they are amazingly famous with this simple trick. For Example: 
    “Which Knifed Australian Prime Minister Are You?”-BuzzFeed



    If your headlines suggest the exact content of your article, with some very specific ideas of what they will be getting into, consider the war is won. Not only it abides all the other “U” of the formula but it also saves time because only the interested will come over, and the interest will be generated on the basis of usefulness, urgency, of course, the unique nature of your headline and being Ultra-Specific. For example: 

    “15 Online Tools that will help you to edit your holiday photos”


    The Final Call: 

    The reason behind the lack of audience and visitors in the past could be the reason for your headings. There is a difference between composing an article on the basis of creativity and literary point of view. For creative writing that comes with literature and art needs marketing, and writing a blog itself is a marketing tool. You cannot mix both and end up with no few or no readers. 


    Of-course there is no one way to come up with something that sticks into the head of a reader. You can also come up with something new, something that no one has ever tried, at the end of the day it's about whether your article is worth someone’s time or not? 


    Start with the 4U formula, and see if there has been any difference in the traffic. Try to use keywords in the headlines to get more exposure through the search results, and it can even boost your ranking in SERPs.  


    This formula is not only for articles and blogs. Use it for email compositions, social media catchy phrases and anywhere where you want to attract readers. Serve what people want to feed on. 

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