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  • List of Best 10+1 Free Privacy Protection Tools for Data Security

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    Often, we forget how important it is to keep our Internet activity in secret. These days, when so much happens online (from IM communication to crypto-payments), privacy and security become a top priority.


    Maintaining a high level of protection is often difficult and not convenient. Below is an up-to-date list of the best tools that will help you stay protected online.


    1) OpenVPN

    OpenVPN is a free, open-source encryption protocol that the majority of VPN providers use. It supports all popular operating systems and provides reliable protection and a stable connection. You can even create your own VPN server so that you can work privately.


    2) Whoer

    Whoer is a free web proxy that you do not need to install. You just type the necessary URL into the search string. You will access the website from a hidden IP address, and you do not need to install a VPN.


    3) Panda

    Panda is a free and lightweight antivirus. It has several great features that cannot be found in other antivirus software. The program can remove malicious code. There is a tool for encrypting files. It provides protection when you connect to public Wi-Fi. It also features parental control and other functions. Panda can be used on Mac devices, PCs with Windows OS, and Apple and Android phones.


    4) LastPass

    If you need an easy-to-use password manager, then take a look at LastPass, a simple and free plugin for web browsers that saves all your passwords in an encrypted way (AES-256 encryption). This plugin is available for almost any web browser.


    5) Guerrilla Mail

    Guerrilla Mail is a free tool that you can use without registration. Its main task is that it creates disposable email addresses for users. This is a handy tool that can be used when registering numerous web accounts. You do not need to provide your real address anymore.


    6) DNSleaktest

    The is free online tool that helps you see if there is any IP address leakage that comes from a browser with WebRTC support. WebRTC is a protocol that uses JavaScript and can become a source of leakage of your local IP address, even if you are connected to a VPN.


    7) AdBlock

    AdBlock is a free extension that blocks ads in top five web browsers. This extension is very simple and convenient to use. By blocking advertising, the extension also does not allow websites to collect information about you. AdBlock can also block cryptojacking scripts that mine cryptocurrencies for crooks using users’ CPU power.


    8) Tor Browser

    Tor is a popular anonymous network. Users connect to the network through a free web browser. When you visit websites through Tor, all requests are automatically get routed through several servers so it is impossible to identify your IP, browser or OS type.


    9) StartPage

    StartPage is an anonymous browser that does not track any information about your search requests. StartPage can be set as the default search provider in your browser. It is a great tool if you want to avoid Google tracking you.


    10) GlassWire

    The GlassWire application is available for Windows and Android users. This excellent app monitors your network provides reliable protection in the form of a firewall and warns you about any external threats. This free program shows you important data about your network activity.


    11) NoScript

    Currently, the NoScript browser extension is available only for the Firefox web browser. Its main task is not to let plug-ins run scripts unless you have added them to the trusted list. This free tool will help prevent malicious script attacks, giving you the ability to compile a list of websites you trust.


    All these tools are convenient and FREE, they will definitely help to increase the level of your security and privacy.

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