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  • How to insert record in Symfony?

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    Hello Friends,

    If you are new in symfony and want to insert a new record in the database, please review the below example :: 

    1) Please open your controller file.

    2) Add database entity in the top of your controller like this

    use PersonalInformationSystemBundle\Entity\PisUserIncrement;
    // PersonalInformationSystemBundle is my bundle name please replace this with your bundle name
    // PisUserIncrement is my database entity please replace this with your database entity

    3) An example of controller code for insertion as given below::

     public function addAction(Request $request)
           $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
           // Get userid currently login
           $user      =   $this->get('security.token_storage')->getToken()->getUser();
           $userId    =   $user->getId();
           if($request->getMethod() == 'POST') { 
                $params             =     $request->request->all();
                // Define object for database entity
                $userIncrement      =     new PisUserIncrement();
                $now       =   new\DateTime('now');
                $params    =    $request->request->all();
                // Set variable through getter/setter as define in entity
                $userIncrement->setIncrementProvider( $userId);
                $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
                $id  = $userIncrement->getId();
                // Set success message and redirect to listing page 
                ->add('success', 'User Incremented  succesfully!');
                return $this->redirectToRoute('pis_setuserincrement_list', array('month' => $params['month']));


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