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  • How to Perform OpenCart To Magento Migration in 3 Easy Steps

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    Choosing the right eCommerce solution for developing an online store has always been a critical task for many business owners. Although there are diverse open-source platforms ready to assist in eCommerce store development, picking up the one that entirely suits your store requirements is highly essential. For instance, OpenCart is a great platform for small businesses and is currently used by several websites worldwide.


    OpenCart offers a most comprehensive set of features to help an eCommerce entrant kick-off its online business. It brings a lot of tools, apps and extensions that help an online store to excel and generate high revenue. But with the growth in customers and their demands, need for scaling your store also arises. That’s when the migration comes into the picture.


    Magento, a leading eCommerce behemoth, is an excellent choice when it comes to expanding your online store. Even though Magento and OpenCart share some similar traits like multiple currencies and language support, there are some key factors that make Magento more viable.


    In order to migrate your OpenCart store to Magento, there are three stages involved. As Magento requires some technical expertise, it is recommended to opt for professional eCommerce website development services. Here’s a small guide that can help you execute your migration process.


    Performing OpenCart to Magento Migration:

    While there are many ways to perform the migration, leveraging Magento developers’ help is the best way. When the migration is performed, preventing data loss and recreating the exact store design of OpenCart in Magento is of utmost importance. The migration process involves three main stages which are as follows:


    1. Preliminary Stage:
    In the preliminary stage, backup of OpenCart store data is done. Even if your migration process is foolproof, take the backup. Your data will come handy if any data loss occurs.


    2. Intermediate Stage:
    The intermediate stage is the soul of the migration process where all your OpenCart data will be migrated to Magento. This stage is classified into sub-stages where the data is segregated and then migrated. It includes migration of products, attributes, order information and URLs. Thereafter, the migration of payment gateways and user credentials is done and to ensure its security, a secure encryption technique is deployed. In case of matching the design, if a similar theme is not found, the layout of the store is changed considering the customer preferences.


    3. Terminal Stage:
    The terminal stage marks the culmination of the OpenCart to Magento migration. When migrating the data to Magento site is over, the website is sent to QA (quality assurance) team for checking the bugs. Once the QA team approves your site to be bug-free, your new Magento store can gear up for its launch.


    These three stages will certainly provide you some insights on how to perform OpenCart to Magento migration process. So what’s holding you back? Carry out the migration process for your OpenCart based store and do come back to share your experience with us.

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