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  • How to Convert Any File Format to PDF - A Complete Guide

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    If you have ever dealt with digital documents, chances are you have come across a well-known file type known as PDF – short for “portable document file”. PDF files are highly versatile, compatible, and will display exactly as intended no matter which device or program you use, which explains why it’s the most widely used format in modern office life.


    Tough most people have likely used a PDF (or a hundred) at some point in their lives; many computer users still struggle when it comes to convert any file to PDF. If that’s something you would like to learn, we have prepared this useful article that covers the most typical conversion-to-PDF scenarios and shows how to convert file to PDF.











    Converting WORD file to PDF

    One of the most typical scenarios regarding how to convert file to PDF involves exporting Word documents, which is actually surprisingly simple to do. In fact, this option has been integrated into Microsoft Word for a while as well as in most modern word processors. Typically, all you have to do to convert a word DOC to PDF is simply to open the doc as usual and hit “File>Save As…“, then look for the PDF format in the “Save as type” drop down menu.


    Converting Excel file to PDF

    Converting an Excel for to PDF is also very easy to do, since this option is now included in Microsoft Excel as well as most modern spreadsheet software packages. Once you have opened the file you want to convert (same as usual), you just have to hit “File>Save As…“ and choose PDF in the “Save as Type” drop down menu.


    Converting PowerPoint file to PDF

    Converting a PowerPoint file to PDF was once a tricky matter than often involved jumping through several loops... not anymore. Since a PDF conversion engine is now integrated into Microsoft Powerpoint, you can convert your presentations easily by simply opening the File menu, clicking “Save As…” and picking PDF from the “Save as type” dropdown menu.


    Converting HTML to PDF in C#

    Since we know it will be useful to many readers, this guide shows how to create pdf in c. The short version : to export HTML as a Csharp pdf, you can simply use a C# or component such as GemBox.Document to get the job done. This component will enable reading, writing and conversion between all the typical files types, similar to what is available in recent versions of Microsoft Office.


    That’s it! Bookmark this article for future reference, and you’ll always know how to convert any file to PDF.


    Converting Graphic Files to PDF

    Another common scenario in everyday computing involves rounding up a set of graphic files and packing them into a single PDF for convenience and effectiveness, which is especially important in situations where you may have to send several files to someone and you want to make sure they’re easy to look through and everything is displayed in the right order.


    If you’re using any program in the Adobe CS line, you can convert to PDF easily since this option is now fully integrated into this software suite. No matter if you’re using Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, the process is very much the same: just open the file you need to convert to PDF, head to the File menu and choose “Save As…” then pick the Adobe PDF format.


    When using the Adobe PDF format you will actually benefit from a useful perk: while this format effectively looks and works like a regular PDF, it has backwards compatibility, meaning have an option to preserve the original information so that you can later convert your PDF back into a PSD or AI file.

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