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  • How Learning Programming & Coding Can Impact Your Life - 7 Ways

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    Coding has become one of the fastest growing skills in the world today. The ability to write and understand complex lines of characters and execute them into interactive, useful programs can bring about a ton of positive changes in one's life. From huge market demand that is yielding high salaries and stock options to improved cognitive health thanks to regular problem solving challenges, anyone can benefit from learning how to code. If you're still iffy about learning how to code and possibly pursuing a career in software development, here are seven ways how code can empower your life:


    Make Tons of Money

    The average salary for software developers is roughly $76,000, according to PayScale. This, however, does not include any stock options, bonuses, and profit sharing that employers throw in as part of the package. Entry-level professionals in the tech industry are expected to earn a higher starting rate over other professions. While money alone doesn't necessarily mean your life is going to change, it does afford you with life-changing experiences.


    Travel the World

    While there are a lot of professions that allow you to work remote, nothing is more versatile and pays better than coding. In fact, go online and you'll find a ton of stories about former office employees who turned into digital nomads and are now traveling the world while getting paid to do so. Anywhere where there is an internet connection from which you can connect your laptop to is a possible work space for the day. That being said, being able to work remote doesn't immediately become a privilege, especially if you are new to the tech world.


    Meet Great Connections

    Money is a great perk in a job, but connections are worth even more. Working in tech, specifically in a tech hub like Silicon Valley, exposes you to talented people who have the resources and skills. Having great connections can make it easier for you to start a business or pursue another career path if you wish to do so later on.


    Solve Problems Faster

    Whether you're learning how to code as a hobby or profession, it teaches you how to solve problems systematically. You are taught how to process a given problem and arrive at a solution in the most efficient way possible. Over time, this approach becomes instilled into your personal way of life, allowing you to solve non-technical problems faster and easier.


    See Your Ideas Turn to Life

    As a software developer, you have the tools and skills to build things and see the actual results. You don't have to wait months or even years to see a business idea take shape. Most software application ideas don't even require heavy capital investment. You simply need a text editor and the right skills and tech stack to execute a potential business idea.`


    Choose What You Want to Work On

    Not all professions allow you to work on tasks or projects that you actually want to work on. As a developer, you have the freedom to choose what product or service you want to work on, which company and team you want to work with, and in the case of freelancers, when you want to work. This degree of freedom is unprecedented and likely not possible for most other industries.


    Empower Others

    Perhaps the most satisfying part of learning how to code through online degrees or traditional schooling is the fact that you can empower others. You can volunteer to teach kids how to code or build a business and create jobs in the process.


    Final Thoughts

    Learning how to code is definitely a skill to add to your repertoire. And thanks to online courses and bootcamps, you have access to a plethora of resources and tools to bootstrap your learning process. And if you get stuck while learning, just remember why you're doing it in the first place by going back to this article.

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