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  • Here are Why Startups are Chasing On-Demand Mobile Solutions

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    Before the on-demand concept came into the market, we used to go to a shop/service provider company to avail products or services. The second option was to call our friendly neighborhood store to deliver us goods and services. Both methods had their own set of inconvenience and limitations.


    The rise of smartphones

    The first smartphones were released in the market in year 2007 with limited features and options. Year 2010 saw the smartphones become more advanced in terms of having a total touch screen based screen. Both the iOS and android versions of the smartphones started adding new features ever since.


    The digital world has seen a gradual shift from desktops and laptops to smartphones over the last few years. Smartphones have now become a vital part of our life. Everything that we want is more or less fulfilled by the smartphones.


    On-demand DNA

    With the arrival of mobile app development companies and app developers, the on-demand technology has taken over every industry we can think of. On demand refers to the ease of getting services and products instantly, mostly ordering them from anywhere, anytime. Today, the on-demand services are encompassing a whole range of industrial sectors such as healthcare, real estate, banking, education, ecommerce and tourism.


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    On Demand Economy Facts & Stats (USA)

    According to Burson-Marsteller’s on demand economy survey:

    • 86.5 Million Americans (42% of adult population) have used an on-demand service.
    • 45 Million Americans (22% of adult population) have offered services in on-demand service.
    • 51% of those who offered services in on-demand economy admitted that their financial situation has improved in past year.
    • 64% of those who offered on-demand services hope that their financial situation will improve in coming year.
    • 51% of people offering services for startups in the on-demand economy are under 35 years of age.
    • 41% of people who have used or provided an on-demand service live in urban areas


    Why would a startup company choose an on-demand mobility solution?

    It’s a known fact today that everyone spends considerable amounts of time on mobile phone to search data online, keep in touch for official and personal purposes and so many other reasons. The popularity of mobiles, encouraged startups in every industry to think of integrating on demand services with the mobile phones in the form of mobile apps. The on-demand apps can be downloaded on the smartphone directly from the iOS and Google playstores.


    Since 2010, startups in the on-demand economy have invested $9.4 billion to provide end-users with mobile app services across various sectors. Needless to say, mobile app development has been a key reason why the on-demand economy has grown at a rapid rate.

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    The on-demand mobile apps are any day better than their web solution counterparts, as the latter requires a laptop/desktop and stable internet connection.


    Example of an on-demand mobile app is the hugely popular Taxi app, Uber, which gives a seamless ride-hailing experience to the users. Other biggies in the ecommerce industry like Amazon or Snapdeal, all have on-demand mobile apps.


    The On-demand economy is driven by qualities like accuracy, speed, quality, and consumer loyalty. By observing customer trends about how they are using their on-demand apps, business owners are prompted to develop and manage their apps in a better way. It has also led youths to think of creative ways to hold on to their startups in an effective way.


    Below are reasons why on-demand services are becoming popular.

    • On Demand mobility solutions are very much user-friendly and easy to customize.
    • They cost less initially and in the long run.
    • Better service delivery and scalability
    • Users are more satisfied and productive.
    • Easy Upgrades and more secured.


    Mobile Applications Experience

    As mobile applications are disrupting the on-demand industry, it is important for companies to provide a great customer experience to the end users, for them to maintain a renowned position.


    Interestingly, almost every business needs to think from a mobile application user’s point of view in order to reach out to the masses.


    Increasing Engagement with the End User

    The whole strategy for startups, is to give the end-users a sustainable model so that a large number of people get used to it and them in turn get a fair chance to generate revenue.


    Companies do realize the importance of promoting and selling their products in an exceptional manner, which has led to the increasing value of mobile applications.


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    We can observe the on-demand food industry for an instance. Some companies like the McDonalds and Dominos prefer to deliver food directly through their own apps, while others have partnered with a third party hyperlocal company, which also helps deliver their food/ products to the customers. The process here is similar – customers have to book their orders through the hyperlocal app. Swiggy and Bigbasket is such a third-party partner.


    Such trends have led to more quality interaction and increasing engagement with the end-users. Mobile apps are now used as a dual purpose for on demand service delivery and as a marketing tool very effectively. Some companies offer freebies and customer loyalty points when services are availed via mobile apps.



    The primary focus of every mobile app development company is to provide a good user interface, i.e. the app has good front design and is not hard to navigate through, by the customer. Keeping the app design short and sweet, is the best method to hold on to the user’s interest.


    No matter how much amount of time is spent on the mobile application development, but if the final experience is not good, the customer may not be using a particular mobile app again.


    The interest of customer is directly proportional to the performance of the app and the services provided by the parent company. If it is a satisfying experience, then surely more people are likely to book services through it very often.


    Therefore, it should be the top priority among companies to hire professional mobile app developers for its app development needs so that the company gathers high revenues and customer loyalty.

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