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    In the last Blog Git Basic WorkFlow we have moved changes from our working directory, to our staging index, and to the repository. And I have gave those changes simple labels A and B.

    Actually Git usses different concept to track these changes or say snapshots of changes.

    In a typical Git workflow, A would represent changes to 2 files or 3 filse and B would represent one new files that were added to the repository.

    So How Git Track

    When we submit changes to the repository, at that point Git generates a checksum for each changed set. A checksum is a number that is generated by taking data and feeding it into an algorithm, checksum algorithm converts data into a simple number

    • The same data put into the algorithm always equals the same checksum coming
    • out that's important because if we change the data going in we get a different checksum out.
    • So one of the most common uses for checksums in computers is to make sure
    • that the data didn't change, if the data changed well then the checksum will be different.
    • And this data integrity is fundamentally built into Git that's very different

    Git generates this checksum is by using the SHA-1 hash algorithm.

    • The number that the algorithm generates is always going to be a 40 character hexadecimal string (0 -9 and a - f)

      where we can see this number

       naveen@naveen:/var/www/html/RND/symfony_sites/symfony_todoapp$ git log -n 1 
      commit a67edfaa870430ae58dd6d6e8cea68f0c9a08c0a
      Author: Naveen 
      Date:   Mon Dec 14 13:44:18 2015 +0530
          my initial commit

      The commit ID is the SHA-1 number that will be unique to the changes that are in this commit. Git attaches the a bit meta information to each one of those snapshots, SO that git can trace the information.


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