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  • Future of Internet Infrastructure!

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    We can all agree to the fact that the internet is the most important development of all time in the telecommunication industry. Surely internet’s technology is driven and controlled by multiple metrics of regulations and demands. This thing is going to be as true in the future as it has been until now.


    From ultra HD 4K videos to the growing advancement in virtual reality and beyond, we are falling in love with amazingly immersive media technologies. As the content on the internet is becoming more and more dynamic, our consumption of bandwidth is skyrocketing and is driving ISP’s to inculcate innovation into the delivery and storage technologies into internet infrastructure. Well, this is the simplest futuristic look of internet’s infrastructure. 


    Latest technologies demands for greater bandwidth: 

    Technologies we are utilizing in everyday routine like streaming 4k videos etc. drive a great amount of data to transfer through the internet in order to provide an immersive user experience. Such technologies consume bandwidth like crazy and require lightning-fast internet. All the ISPs are striving to deliver high-speeds in order to keep up with the growing demands of the users. However they have to continuously upgrade their game in order to be compatible with the futuristic technologies. A strong internet and dependable internet connectivity is necessary if you want to stay ahead and active in the digital realm. A number of ISP search portals can be employed in this regard to help you choose something that suits your particular needs and wants. If you are wondering about internet provider in my area, then Local Cable deals is the answer to all your queries because such platforms can give you a detailed list of internet packages and bundles offered by multiple providers in your area. 


    Internet usage statistics: 

    A report generated in 2016 showed that the global IP traffic surpassed the mark of Zettabyte for the very first time in history. And the most amazing thing about it is that video streaming is accounted for consuming half of that bandwidth. Experts have put forward a prediction telling that by 2021 the total worldwide traffic is going to grow three times from current mark i.e. 3 Zettabytes which means three trillion gigabytes of data will be comsumed. The report also predicted that more than two-thirds of the data consumption will be through internet videos.


    Keeping up with the growing demands: 

    Keeping up with the growing demands of the consumers has put the ISPs under great pressure. They are constantly trying to expand their network and improve their infrastructure to keep up with the growing data and speed demands to their best. 


    Google Fiber: 

    Recently Google initiated its Google Fiber project which has made the competition among telecommunications companies all the more interesting. Google’s entry in the market resulted in year over year growth of almost 450% with regards to the installation of large capacity Ethernet equipment. Google basically has a plan of making wireless internet available to the remote areas where laying fiber-optic connections are way too expensive. 


    Ultra-fast 5G:

    The other major development which is the topic of discussion for a long time now is that of the ultrafast 5G network. Obama administration announced funds of $400 million, which will be invested in the development and testing of 5G technology by public and private partnerships headed by the National Science Foundation. It was just to jump start the efforts for 5G technology development which was already at the brink of introduction in other technologically advanced parts of the world. 


    5G is capable of handling massive traffics that mount up to 10 times the potential of 4G LTE, which happens to be the current norm. It will enable you to download an HD movie in the blink of an eye i.e. in a couple of seconds literally. It will also clear the bandwidth for other tasks you want to perform over the internet. 


    We all know that driverless cars are on their way to become a living reality. Soon these devices are going to connect with the world wide web and require high speeds to stay constantly updated and protected so that any sort of harm can be avoided. Such devices are going to be highly reliant on high-speed internet connectivity to keep them connected with the digital domain at all times. 


    The Internet of things is another game-changer in the world of technology. It is taking the smallest and simplest of things to the internet’s web and is going to make accessibility least of our concern. Coming are the days when the simplest of things like the clothes we wear will also be connected to the internet. This advancement in technology will make every smart device a data-producing unit. These devices are making the data center industry all the more competitive. 


    This interconnectivity has not only raised demands for high-speed internet but also has raised concerns for the security. Online security is crucial to this interconnected system powered by internet. It is in turn also giving boost to the online security software industry. 


    Future Internet Infrastrstructure includes Edge hosting: 

    Futuristic internet infrastructure involves a whole lot of edge hosting networks. The operators who have realized the potential of over-the-top (OTT) markets have already started earning better profits by entering these OTT markets via acquisitions. But edge hosting is gaining real importance in the market since IoT and other event processing opportunities rely on edge hosting networks to function. 


    Event processing can be simply explained as processing a certain function when a specific condition is triggered. You can take online orders as an example of it. But IoT devices' event generation is machine-driven. A major example of edge hosting event processing we can find on the internet today is that of the CDNs (Cloud delivery network). CDN services are responsible for serving video content to us. CDN reduces the effect of slow internet and reliability by storing the data content into user’s cache. It is safe to say that streaming videos nowadays is impossible without CDN. If CDN continues to grow on like this, there will come a time when all the internet activities will be highly reliant over cache memory. All the content and processes will be cached for ready access. If it happens, which is expected to happen quite soon, the internet itself will take the shape of a giant CDN or an endless cloud of remotely stored data. 


    A few of the discussed technologies are going to happen in just the near future, but a few will take time. Maybe they start functioning for specific high-value services and not just for everything else. But internet infrastructure is continuously evolving with the growing technology. 

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