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  • Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Mobile App Branding

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    It is interesting to see how many Indian app developers and organizations alike are rethinking their motives and objectives behind getting on the mobile development train in the first place. Thanks to the continuous evolution currently trending in the mobile app industry, many mobile apps are now beginning to drift from being mere standalone platforms to interactive mobile applications integrating highly comprehensive strategies.



    As an essential part of any business, the role of product marketing cannot be underestimated. App developers, on their own part, are seeking out new ways to effectively get their products (mobile applications) into the hands of willing and interested end-users. As a matter of fact, the former approach of developing apps and promoting them through traditional marketing channels is no longer effective – it doesn’t work any longer.


    Interestingly, while mobile is making a tremendous impact in the tech world, developers are not relenting in reassessing how their apps can be effectively promoted. This is because every now and then, the mobile app industry is growing much stiffer than expected. Currently, only those willing to put meaningful resources into marketing their mobile apps are finding the desired success. Sometimes, this will have to be done even more aggressively before a meaningful result can be achieved.


    Despite being known as a major investment with lots of accomplishment, it is sad to know that many Indian app developers are still struggling to get better rewarded for their painstaking efforts in the mobile app development process. When it comes to performing and deploying a successful mobile app development project, there are certain effective digital marketing strategies that can be applied.


    What is a marketing strategy?

    The tactical action plan set by app developers to sell a mobile application is referred to as a ‘marketing strategy.’ Basically, they will need to drum public interest and also do their very best to help their apps find a place at the top in the app stores. There is no better way to achieve this than making users to desire your app even before it is ready for deployment. To do this, you will surely need to generate a buzz, an intense expectation for your product. But you can’t achieve this without first setting an actionable mobile app marketing plan.


    Create an effective marketing plan

    No doubt, you can’t make any meaningful riches from your app development – no matter how well-crafted your creation may be – without setting a solid and effective app marketing plan. Any app developer looking to build a successful mobile application today must be ready to start promotion way before launching the app. Developing a beautiful app and having no one to use it is basically a futile effort. To this end, it is essential to establish a well-detailed plan needed to market the product and let it start bringing in profit.


    Here are some effective ways Indian app developers can effectively launch their strategic plan.


    Consider influencer marketing

    Many mobile app developers and companies are always mindful of promoting their apps via influencer marketing. This is because it is known to yield highly positive results. What most Indian app developers do is to work in tandem with an industry expert that specializes mainly in writing or talking about mobile applications. By letting him know about your app, this specialized individual can promote your app to his audience through positive reviews and beneficial criticisms.


    An influencer can be but not limited to just a developer alone. As a matter of fact, anyone can be an influencer including writers, motivational speakers, singers, artists, sports people etc. What matters is your target audience. If you are looking to get traffic from a particular industry like the music industry, your app influencer can be a musician or singer.


    Set up a website

    When it comes to promoting an app via digital marketing channels, the importance of creating a promotional website cannot be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, there is no better way to make your online users learn more about your app than this. Basically, your users would want to know if your mobile application is the real deal.


    Most Indian app developers even launch their websites before completing the mobile app development process just to keep their users abreast of the latest happenings. Basically, they are seeking to let their current and prospective users know that the app they are building is a legitimate one. These days, information sharing online is better done on a website.


    Just so you know, there can’t be any better means of helping and educating potential users on how to use your mobile app than this. With this effective digital marketing strategy, developers can effectively showcase detailed features, images, and screenshots about the app they are promoting.


    Get involved with social media

    You can’t talk about digital marketing for mobile apps without considering social media. Whether paid or organic, Indian app developers cannot do without social media to promote apps. Interestingly, many developers are already making good use of these channels to drive user interest and create meaningful awareness among potential users. Ultimately, this form of digital marketing is a proven sure fire way to efficiently enhance click-through rates (CTRs). Some of the most effective and popular social media platforms available include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. Developers can get on these ad platforms to make their products visible to a wider audience.


    Engage in public relations

    As a developer, you can create a buzz in the community with your mobile app by strategically engaging in tech reviews, interviews, and press releases. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get on a tech blog promote your mobile application via a featured review. You could even have a guest blogger test your app and write something about it. Some Indian app developers may even prefer to do a press release with a newspaper. Apart from helping to make your app visible to a wider audience, PR also helps in generating traffic for app developers.


    Don’t underestimate the power of ASO

    Also known as App Store Optimization, ASO is a strategically proven means of getting your apps ready for in-store promotion. As a matter of fact, it is the SEO of mobile app development. All you need to do is to ensure to develop unique apps with relevant keywords. Make sure to garner positive ratings from users while presenting a clear description of what your application is all about.


    About Author:

    Kenneth Evans is an experienced content strategist working with one of the top app development companies. He is an avid learner and music lover.

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