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  • Difference Between Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

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    There's always been a lot confusions in the world of regarding the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality.Today ill  clear the difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.


    Lets Get on With Virtual Reality First:


    So VR is basically Virtual reality (VR) is a fake or artificial, computer-generated simulation of a natural environment or a real life environment or situation. The environment is embedded in an VR headset or like Samsung firstly then followed by many mobile brands embedded VR in their SmartPhones so you can connect your phone to the VR headset what this headset does when u put it on is it showcases  any imaginary reality or animation or any 3D video in such a way that the user gets the real like experience this experience of virtual reality also depends on the screen resolution of your smartphone as well as the kind of lenses used in the VR headset.

    What VR’s con over AR is it completely disconnects you from the outer word,once you wear your headset & start any VR app ur disconnected from the outer world your eyes see the VR app or 3D video & u hear the sound via your phone’s speaker,So according to me that’s what i disliked about the VR experience more over you can’t use a VR for a long period of time continuously.Your eyes feel tired & u feel dizzy after using it regular for 15-20 mins…


    Lets Discuss About Augmented Reality Now:


    Augmented Reality (AR) is also same technology bt the major difference between VR & AR is that AR also shows u virtual content but without disconnecting you from the outer world for example There is a display embedded in your glasses & ur able to view outside world as well as content is also rendered by the optics simultaneously.

    Augmented reality is also now referred as “Mixed Reality” by many people now a days.AR is developed into apps and used on mobile devices to blends digital components into the real world in such a way that they enhance one another,but can also be told apart easily…


    Many of us have experienced Virtual Reality (VR) as it is getting reachable to people because now a days many high end smartphones support VR.Augmented Reality is yet to be experienced..


    Thanks for reading.


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