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  • Coolest Trends of Digital Marketing Every Content Writing Agency Aspires in 2019

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    Are you planning to develop strategies for digital marketing?


    Well, that’s a challenge many out there is facing as businesses are aware of how crucial mobile and digital channels are for acquiring as well as retaining customers for them. And, no one with better expertise can explain their significance other than a proficient content writing agency. That’s because they are working in this field and helping companies create quirky and catchy content to reach their target audiences.


    However, they face numerous challenges in the process. There are sufficient reasons for this shortcoming as well.


    Why are companies failing to develop digital marketing strategies that will work?

    Search Engine Land’s marketing guru, Jason Decker, has listed four things that many businesses are not attempting. And, hence the outcome of not being able to achieve the desired tactics to promote their brands.

    • Not managing their local listings sufficiently
    • They don’t engage with customers who leave reviews or seek support
    • Do not even monitor customer reviews
    • Not employing the right professional content writers to create location specific and unique content


    As 2019 is approaching, these businesses are trying to overcome those hurdles that are enwrapping the arena of digital marketing. Consequently, there are dramatic shifts in various fields of digital marketing including SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and more.


    Let’s see the different levels of its trend that 2019 is trying to touch.

    Every content writing agency is aspiring to expand its wings to virtual reality and augmented reality. That’s because it believes AR and VR are where the future belongs.


    Augmented reality: It involves immersive user experiences as the technology uses digitally spawned images about the existing reality of its users. All these take place typically through an app or the consumer’s phone camera. AR tries to blend those images and user experience to provide a more meaningful and lasting impression on its users.


    Virtual reality: The distinction between VR and AR lies in the former’s simulation of an alternate reality, one that is completely different from what the user experiences before dwelling into virtual reality. It intends to submerge the hearing and seeing-ability of its operators in a way so that they feel like belonging to a different universe experiencing different reality after donning that VR device. Now nothing can be cooler than that pals!


    How will a content writing agency incorporate AR/VR with digital marketing strategies?



    The upcoming year demands from marketers in 2019 to face reality and augment the digital promotion of their brands. And, there are stats to support this mandate – researchers believe this industry will witness an annualised growth rate of 113% in 2021 to make the earnings reach as high as $215 billion. It’s a sharp rise from the year 2011 when this mark was only $11 billion.


    So, here are some ways of doing so:


    1.  Let content drive the way

    Elizabeth Jean Poston, the Senior Director of Helios Interactive, a prominent digital marketing company, believes that a content writing agency can play an effective role in this end. Experienced content writers can bring AR and VR technologies to homes by educating marketers about their distinctive tools and aligning those value props in line with their respective KPIs.

    2. Try out experiential marketing

    Marketing textbooks never falter to educate its readers regarding how important it is to create an emotional bond with the concerned viewers. With the growth of virtual and augmented reality, this has become even more essential. Subsequently, professional content writers believe that experiential marketing is the right way to go for this purpose.


    They are experts in the field of digital marketing, and they know that “literally” simulating that purchase-friendly environment can help in triggering that emotion. Companies like Marriot have been able to tap that emotion of its target audience in their recent campaigns. They have implemented VR experience in their marketing strategies with the “Transporters” taking the viewers to their different locations worldwide virtually. This is effective in attracting and converting clients.


    3. Integrating them with existing technology

    Augmented Reality carries greater potential in the digital marketing scene for its ability to integrate with already existing consumer smartphones. For instance, Ray-Ban has recently employed AR technologies for its consumers to try different sunglasses through an Insta-sponsored post.


    So, if you have been unable to develop an effective digital marketing approach yet, then go the AR/VR way because that’s what 2019 beholds.

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