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  • Content Marketing Prowess - Tips to Advertise your WordPress Blog

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    If you are already running a blog website, you must be aware of the importance of words. Though you spend years on curating valuable content, still many times we fail to bring adequate web traffic on our digital blog.


    This piece of writing is in context with discussing different ways in which you can utilize content marketing prowess to advertise your WordPress blog.


    What is ‘content marketing’?

    Over the past years, there has been a lot of buzz around content marketing, but many people are still confused about its role play. To give it a brief definition,


    Content marketing is a process to curate valuable content that can attract and engage your potential audience. It is a mode of performing a profitable customer action.


    Today’s consumers live in an abundance so they are more inundated by marketing messages. It must be true to state that today’s marketers aren’t lacking in marketing modes. But they are more challenged by attention scarcity.


    Amongst different marketing approaches, content marketing is also becoming one of the most followed ones to harvest the best of industry. If done right, it can elevate your WordPress blog above those 1000s of competitors.


    For setting up a powerful blog website, you can easily hire WordPress developer. Still, you need to take a large amount of responsibility on your shoulders to run it effectively. So, how can you bring content marketing prowess in your WordPress blog?


    Stay SEO-friendly

    When you start blogging you need to have a clear understanding of SERPs. This whole digital world is hugely dependent on powerful search engines like Google or Bing.


    Almost everyone put some text strings in search engines and fetch the search results. Here the URL that is ranked higher is preferred and trusted a lot by us. Rude but true. We also practice the same in our everyday life.


    Therefore, if we wish to gain our readers’ interest in our blog, we need to rank it higher for SERPs. One of the best ways is to look for relevant keywords and try to insert them in your blogs. This way search engines’ bots can identify your web pages and make them crawl accordingly.


    In general, marketers don’t pay much attention to content while planning search engine optimization. However, it is equally important to be attentive to Google updates so that you can create SEO-friendly content while targeting the potential audience.


    Share it on Social Media

    Social media is a powerful weapon when it comes to advertising your blog. It is a platform where users spend more of their time. Be it posting pictures or communicating with others, individuals are often found scrolling their social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook or others.


    So, why not you also promote your content on social media?


    A great idea, isn’t it? However, you may not be free all the time to promote each and every blog written on your website to share on social media accounts. Therefore, you can automate this whole task by hiring a WordPress expert who can offer you customized tools meeting your needs.


    Analytics Adoption for Content Optimization

    Apart from practicing different content marketing techniques and curating unique content every time, you also need to keep analyzing the previous content trends. For instance, you need to know


    Which blog gets the highest views? What content surpassed in no. of shares? Or something like this.


    In short, you need to analyze the performance of your every writing so that you can recognize the users’ preferences for future content references. Learning from the previous blogs, you can definitely create more content that is similar and impactful.


    Here too you can bring in the power of tools available that can track your blog website’s performance.


    At last, I would like to state that you can be really successful in attracting and engaging customers if you curate original, high-quality, and of course informative content. It helps you to be strategic in your approach while impressing readers.


    If you have any query or concern, you can write back to me. I would be happy to assist you.

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