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  • Bug Life Cycle and its States

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    Bug Life cycle and its states
    Bug life cycle is a time period or cycle of a bug from its identification to closure. Its life starts when a bug is found and ends when it is closed after ensuring that it' will not reproduced. Bug life cycle is related to a bug found while testing.
    A bug has different states in life cycle as mentioned below:-
    1) New:- When a bug is found and logged for the first time, its state is given as new.
    2) Assigned:- When a bug found by a tester is approved as a valid bug by Lead then its assigned to the corresponding developer or developers team.
    3) Open:- In this state a developer starts analyzing and working on it to fix the bug.
    4) Fixed:- In this state a developer marked the status of a bug as 'Fixed' and passes it to the testing team. <
    5) Retest:- At this step a tester retests the changed code given by developer to verify that bug is fixed or not.
    6) Verified:- In this state a tester again test the bug to ensure that bug is fixed and marked its status as 'Verified'
    7) Reopen:- If a tester founds that bug still exists even after it was fixed, he changes it status as 'Reopen' and it has to go through bug life cycle once again.
    8) Closed:- Once a bug is fixed and tested by a tester and if he feels that its no longer exists, he changes the status to 'Closed'.
    9) Rejected:- If a developer feels that a bug assigned to him is not genuine, he changes the status of bug to 'Rejected'.
    10) Deferred:- A bug whose status is changed to Deferred means that it is expected to be fixed in next version or release. Its reason may be its low priority or its effect is low on the software or lack of time for release.

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