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  • Black Box Testing

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    Black Box Testing :

    It is the process of giving the input to the system and checking the output of the system Without worrying about the output process generated by the system. It is also called as Behavior Testing.

    In this program is considered as a "black box"

    Testing is based solely on analysis of requirements specification, user documentation etc.

    The test cases are based on specifications.

    Black box testing techniques are applied to all levels of testing (eg. unit ,component and system)

    Test Case Design Method:

    1. Equivalence Partitioning Method
    2. Boundary Value Analysis
    3. Error Guessing

    Equivalence Class Partitioning :- It is the process of dividing the input domain into the different class(Valid or Invalid) and for valid input class make the equal partition so that it will reduce the test data.

    Boundary Value Analysis :- It is the process of checking the input on boundaries, one less than boundary and one greater than boundary because behavior of the system changes on boundaries.

    Error Guessing :- Error guessing is an ad hoc approach, it is done by experts with the help of their knowledge and experience they identify the defects and error prone areas.

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