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  • A Beginners Guide to Big Data Technology Usage in Enterprises

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    Today, enterprises gather increasingly growing volumes of information at an ever-increasing rate. Today's information technology (IT) professionals help enterprises in many ways, for instance, analyzing large collections of consumer blurbs on various social media outlets. In addition, smart appliances powered by the Internet of things (IOT) are providing manufacturers with the vast and growing expanse of consumer data.


    Data is an invaluable asset, but enterprises cannot extract that value without analysis. In fact, the insights generated by big data analyses of some of the most valuable assets held by today's largest tech firms. This holds true even more so with the advent of relatively recent big data system breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.


    A Brief History of Big Data

    Although big data technology is a relatively new innovation, the foundation for this resource originated in the 60s and 70s. Next time during this time, researchers created first data centers and develop the world first relational databases.


    In 2015, researchers started to recognize the value of data generated by popular social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Simultaneously, the emergence of Hadoop and NoSQL started the journey that led to the evolution of today's big data systems. Since then, big data technology has experienced continual growth, right alongside an explosive rise in the amount of information generated by consumers.


    Today, a multitude of consumer devices and appliances communicate and transfer information over the IoT. This remarkable innovation help enterprises track consumer usage trends in product performance. The emergence of machine learning data analysis has created even more information for curious researchers to explore. While big data technology has evolved far from its origins, it has so much further to go before reaching for mature.


    The Value of Big Data in the Modern Marketplace

    Enterprises and data sciences use big data systems to discover trends and opportunities among a torrent of information. However, big data systems alone are enough to glean invaluable insight. The effective use of big data systems requires skilled professionals for talented deleveraging the technology for unearthing hidden opportunities.


    From revealing new business goals to choosing the best systems to meet enterprise needs, days data scientists are doing a fine job of forging ahead by building on the foundation built by their predecessors. As a result, data scientists have effectively helped enterprise leaders by performing mission-critical tasks such as evaluating the value of the big data systems can provide in helping companies stay focused on long-term goals.


    Today, big data systems are a staple on the business landscape. To use the technology effectively, however, enterprise leaders must strategize on how to work with large values of structured and unstructured data. It's vitally important that enterprise leaders understand the value in implementing new resources before moving forward full force with new technology initiatives. While adding more complexity to an already advanced IT infrastructure may seem counterintuitive, the benefits of leveraging big data technology for out we the challenges of initial implementation.


    Big Data Learning Resources

    Information technology specialists who are already familiar with advanced computing technologies can delve into big data on their own using online resources. For instance, there are many articles, horses and tutorials that can help the newly initiated fulfill their big data responsibilities. For instance, Xtelligent Media, HealthITAnalytics offers healthcare information technology specialist tips provided by real-world big data practitioners, while offers tips and advice for human resource (HR) professionals. Also, Tech Target in the provides business leaders as well as intelligence and analytics experts with the latest tools, trends and best practices.


    Another great big data information resource is The site offers big data news, analyses and tips for IT professionals. In addition, the Facebook Research Blog is an awesome resource for IT professionals whose firms maintain social media presences.


    The Future of Big Data

    The proliferation of available consumer data is creating an enticing target for hackers. The healthcare field, in particular, must ensure that the networks secure and remain in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.


    Forbes magazine big data expert forecast more firm will employ chief data officer's (COS) will be responsible for policies, such as HIPAA compliance, enterprise governance and IT strategy. Furthermore, technology analysis Gartner forecasts that the autonomous agents in things unquote – which will range from self-driving cars to VR assistants and real-world robots – will become commonplace technologies.


    While big data technology is overwhelming promising, implementing the resource can prove challenging. Engineers are having difficulty keeping up with data stores that double in size approximately every two years, enterprise leaders are wrestling with ways to effectively collect, protect and store growing mountains of data. In addition, enterprise IT experts must curate these massive information stores to extract meaningful value. This means either cleaning data or pinpointing data that's relevant current enterprise needs, which is a monumental task. Despite these obstacles, big data technology is still evolving at a breakneck pace, and the innovation holds vast potential for enterprises officials work in the field and society.

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