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  • 9 Major Uses of Drone Technology (UAVs) from Business to General Application

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    Drones are simply unmanned aerial vehicles used to perform activities that are beyond human reach in the air. At first, drones were invented for military purposes. Drones applications and popularity has increased globally over the recent years from military to healthcare. New technologies and inventions have seen the need for drones in various sectors, which are enhancing our everyday lives whilst creating an enjoyable experience at the same time.



    Whether you are searching for your next best adventure shot, taking holiday snaps or creating your very own drone swarm then it’s all possible.

    Discover the 9 Major Uses of Drones


    9. Security

    Drones play a crucial role in beefing up security. They help in effective safety surveillance. Using specially designed recording devices, drones are able to record activities from the atmosphere. This further helps in facilitating confidentiality in security operations. In turn, this helps beef up safety inspections. Security practitioners are also able to detect potential crime risks faster these days thanks to drones.


    Besides surveilling people, drones are used in surveilling wildlife animal security. Wildlife animals are source of income to states globally. However, poaching has put the existence of wildlife animals at stake. Game reserve wardens use drones to protect the wildlife animals from poachers. In addition, they use drones to know the health status of the animals. They even use the drones to administer medication to the affected animals without close approaches.


    It’s being said that the host of Winter Olympics in 2018 will feature drone security guards patrolling the skies to keep a close eye on you!


    8. Disaster management

    It is impossible to personally access both natural and man-made disasters for information. Drones provide faster means of getting information from a disaster incidence. Drones are also safer compared to sending aircrafts. They collect the needed data about survivors faster and help speed up rescue operations. They can also be used to monitor extreme weather situations. For example, a drone can be sent into hurricane to determine the speed and strength of the hurricane. The information collected by these devices enables professionals come up with better ways to manage disasters


    Again, drones also help in rescue mission when disasters occur. They enable the rescuers to do their work fast and effectively despite the unsafe time.  Drones have thermal sensors that detect any sign of life.  The sensors help locating victims who need to be rescued.


    7. Construction inspection

    It is important to inspect constructions to avoid calamities such as building collapsing. Drones are used in inspecting unreachable places of complex constructions from safe positions. Drones can be used to inspect power lines, water and gas pipelines, wind turbines and many more. The drones’ thermal and dimension sensors confirms whether the building is safely and correctly constructed.


    Again, drones’ inspection in construction sites facilitates in gathering and recording of data used in the construction. This helps the engineers identify errors early enough and correct them before construction activities increase.


    6. Mapping

    Geographical mapping requires Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for proper data representation. GIS refers to the system that collect, displays and analyses geographical data. Drones are one of GIS tools used in geographical mapping. Drones can access places like mountains and oceans which are out of reach. Mapping drones are equipped with cameras that records every information they view. The cameras enable the drones to create more quality maps than drawn maps.


    5. Shipping

    Drones provide unmanned package deliveries.  Companies such as Amazon have turned to drones for delivery activities. Drones are able to lift light-weight packages like pizzas and mobile accessories. In most cases, they are used to deliver these items in neighboring locations. They provide safe deliveries since they are being monitored through cameras and GPS devices. They also provide fast delivery.


    4. Journalism

    Drones are also used in Journalism field. They are used to provide quality photographs and films in crowdy areas which are uneasy to access. This makes it possible for the them to collect information for live broadcast without much strain. Examples of crowdy areas is public rallies, parties and sports.

    Moreover, journalists are able to take clear shots of aerial view of an object using drones. Aerial view shots are mostly used in advertising industry.


    3. Scientific research

    Scientists use drones in scientific researches. In most cases, they use the drones in research that involves natural and chemical works. Drones enable them predict natural calamities such as earthquakes.


    2. Precision Agriculture

    Crops demand intensive monitoring for them to produce more yield. Regular personal monitoring can be cumbersome especially when you have a large farm. Drones are used to curb this challenge. They can monitor a large geographical area within a short time.  The farmers are able to know the progress of the crops from one location. They are also able to manage threats like pests they observe through the drones. In addition, farmers get the opportunities to plan and improve their farming skills.


    Apart from monitoring, drones also perform agricultural activities such as irrigation and fertilization application. This reduces the risks of human errors while cropping.


    1.     Military

    Military is the primary application of drones. The use of drones has contributed to success of military actions worldwide. Military drones are used in places where manned piloting is dangerous. Thus, reducing the number of fallen soldiers in combat.


    First, drones are used in surveillance mission. A military assignment has to be well pre-surveilled for it to be success. Here, the militants are able to know the kind of threat they are dealing with. Also, most importantly, drones are used for surveillance during an ongoing assignment. The background intel is able to monitor the operation and provide support needed by the militants on the ground.


    What will you use your drone for?

    With all that being said, it’s not hard to say that the usage of drones are becoming more and more important with the ability to reach difficult locations and the birds eye view. So when you’re buying your next drone, think about what if?


    We've spoken to numerous customers who are simply looking for a new past time and with the forever expanding range of personal drones available then there's a bit of something for everyone.

    9 Major Uses of Drone Technology (UAVs) from Business to General Application

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