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  • 7 Ways You Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts with Video Walls

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    Over the last decade, as technology has grown around us, so has the way marketers advertise their business. Digital wall is the latest technology that has been trending among digital marketers and is slowly replacing the traditional billboards. A video wall is a set of monitors placed together on a wall for video or image advertisements.


    Video wall can play a single image cohesively spread through all monitors or dissected to display multiple images. Ideally, it is placed in an area with high traffic of people. You may have already noticed it at shopping malls, restaurants or business centres. The video wall, if used effectively, can serve as a useful marketing tool delivering a larger-than-life experience to wow the customers.

    Here are the seven ways video walls can improve your marketing efforts:


    1.      Video Wall Offers Flexibility

    The video wall is a popular new form of digital marketing method. Digital marketing provides the flexibility that traditional methods cannot. You are empowered to adapt to changes at the click of a button. Imagine the effort, time consumed and the cost of changing and subsequently printing new banners.


    With video wall, you can change the content frequently and keep the target audience hooked to your brand. Implementing this practice into your marketing efforts will maintain the interest of your current customers as well as attract new customers to your brand.


    2.      Boost Your Ads With The Big Full-Screen Visuals

    The giant video wall has the power to captivate the interest of your viewers and wow them. Many enterprises make a mistake of utilising a standard ratio of 16 to 9 for the wall, which the viewers subconsciously perceive as nothing more than a big TV.


    With video wall, you can use extra wide-ratios like 32:9 or 24:9 to give them a new experience. You can also present your ad on a wall with screens arranged vertically. Make sure you use the content of high-quality, high-resolution and customise it as per the wall alignment.


    3.      Data Acquisition With Video Wall

    One of the most significant advantages that video wall offer is the application of digital signage to gather data. With the right software, digital signage enables you to track who is engaging with the wall and assess the effectiveness of the ad.


    The information that you collect will allow you to create ads optimised for your target audience, thereby increasing the probability of drawing more customers to your business. Such data acquisition is not possible with the traditional approach.


    4.      Video Wall Ads Are Non-intrusive

    Video advertisements peaked in the last two years on digital platforms. Though they have their uses and benefits, many people find these ads annoying and intrusive. Most of us run away for a toilet break or to grab a bite during commercial advertisements. Did you know that even Facebook rolled out an update that will reduce the frequency of the ad content appearing on the site?


    So how can we use videos effectively without being annoying or intrusive? The video wall is your answer. Ads on the video wall are big and captivating, but most importantly, they do not invade personal space of the audience. Showcase your video content without annoying your audience!


    5.      Video Wall Will Save Your Money in the Long Run

    Banners and billboards are costly. These boards also need to be continuously changed as they wear out over time. TV ads and Radio ads are highly expensive too. Compared to these traditional methods, video wall ads are cost-effective. A video wall can last for a long time.


    An average LCD monitor has a lifetime of ten years even when you run it 24 hours a day. You can focus your attention towards creating new video ads while keeping the old ones running for as long as you want or the campaign demands. While traditional ads may bring you to pause your campaign at times, video wall ads can keep your marketing drive running non-stop.


    6.      Interactive Ads to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

    Embed touchpoints into your wall to offer an interactive experience to your audience. You can utilise gesture-based technologies like Leap Motion or Microsoft Kinect.


    You can even bring your audience into virtual reality allowing them to interact with their surroundings and experience incredible immersion.


    7.      Video Wall Offers Portability

    In digital marketing, marketers build a buyer-persona to help them target the right audience and execute the campaign efficiently. One of the vital factors considered while developing a persona is the target location. Presence of the target audience can be in one or multiple areas. These locations may even change over a period.


    Traditional billboards don’t offer the portability that video wall does. You can erect it in one part of the town one day and then use it in another area next day. The optimised portability can significantly improve your marketing efforts.


    These are the seven ways video wall can improve your marketing efforts significantly.What are your thoughts on the growing trend of video wall? Let us know in the comments below.



    Eli is the community and content manager at who design and

    build custom gaming PC’s, CAD workstations and desktop computers. Eli is a keen gamer and can be found on twitch when not working.

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