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  • 6 reasons why React JS is Better for web development

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    Front end development has developed remarkably for the past decade. Many new frameworks have developed with the aim of making web development services a new dimension. Unfortunately few of them can retain their position and rest are disappeared. One of the latest extension of front end development is React JS and continues to convert in the software development industry.


    ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces, especially for single page application. The application of ReactJS is to handling the view layer for web and mobile app. React is also used to create reusable UI components. The ReatJs framework has built more than 30000 websites and IT giants Facebook, PayPal, Netflix have already used it. For the developers who are experts in JavaScript, they can easily be adapted with ReactJS.


    Let’s have a look at why ReactJS is popular


    1.    Easy to learn and understand

    Learning of Reactjs is easier than the other front end framework such as angular. You just need to have a basic idea about HTML and CSS. On the other hand for the other front end Framework such as angular you need to learn the first typescript before writing script in angular. React Native App Development that is mobile app development version of ReactJS offers other benefits over its competitors


    2.     Reusability of code

    The productivity of any organizations depends on the reusability of components and developer tools. The prime target of any website development company is to reusability of the code. At the beginning ReactJs was rigid and it didn’t allow reusability.



    Then Facebook had reshaped ReactJS and included reusability to it and that really helps the developers. It saves lots of time and hassles to write the same code again and again. The best part of it there is no similarity among the components of ReactJS and isolated from each other. Then, changing in one element won’t influence other elements. It is much easier to upgrade than the front end framework.


    3.    Stability of the code

    The best part of ReactJS Development Services is the stability of the code. ReactJS allows the data flow in one direction only that helps to achieve higher stability.  In data binding technique if child structure is changed, then it won’t have any effect on the parents’ structure. Changing in object straightforwardly modifies its state. It also removes the risk of alteration in child structure affecting the parent structure, as if data flow downwards.


    4.    Quick Rendering

    Quick rendering is required when heavy applications or dynamic software solutions have been implemented. Unfortunately, many web development services are unable to provide these facilities. The Facebook team assured that ReacJS does not have these issues because they have implemented virtual DOM in order to remove issues in rendering and made the process easier.


    Virtual DOM represents traditional document object model virtually that allows you to apply change virtually and execute DOM changes with less effect. This method allows extraordinary user experiences and also improves speed by optimizing the time required for the modification of DOM.


    5.    SEO friendly and Helpful development Tool

    The prime target for any developer is to develop a website that should be SEO friendly.   But the fact is most search engine cannot read the javascript applications. Google has the facility to adjust but other search engines are still struggling to read JavaScript-heavy applications. ReactJS Development Services provides a perfect solution for these issues. It runs on a server and returns a DOM request to the browser and executes as a regular webpage.


    This process helps the search engine to crawl your website or mobile app, which is resulted in getting rank in the top of the search engine. ReactJS helps the developer to expose with it’s an extensive toolkit. It has the best debugging and designing tools. Even developers can download a browser extension known as React Developer Tools for both the popular browsers Chrome and Firefox. It is the best extension that allows you to observe reactive components, inspect current state and Profs of different components and find the parents and child components.


    6.     Strong Community   support

    One of the best reason for using   React Native App Development over the other frontend development is its strong community support.  A large community of developers gets support from its open source library and coders from around the world extend their hand to learn the technology in different ways. There are almost more than 1100 contributors on GitHub and an active community of ReactJS on Various forum such as StackOverflow, Stack, Reactiflux Chart, Freenode IRC and others always try to solve your queries. This approach really helps the developer who starts their journey and also boosts their confidence.


    This also encourages new developers to make a move toward ReactJS as they know if they face any kind of difficulties while coding any complex structure, then they don’t need to give up, many friends are there to help you out. Some developers and tutors provide tuition to the students by uploading their ReactJS tutorials and write a blog post and in-depth tutorials in order to help the new developers.


    Nowadays The changing of technology is so fast and it almost changes with a speed of light. People want to adopt newer things by left beyond the older version. Any web development company wants its developers to learn new frameworks and technologies quickly in order to meet clients satisfaction levels. ReactJS has emerged with a breeze and opened up new possibilities for the developers. ReactJS creates a highly dynamic and responsive webpage with a combination of javascript.


    A developer can build a modern interface using ReactJS.  With the help of ReactJS development process becomes simple and provides a more comfortable user interface. ReactJS combines HTML and JavaScript frameworks together. With these two technology combine with CSS offers the designing of the dynamic and advanced looking web interface. This is the way ReactJS offers front end development with extension features. As a result, ReactJS has provided a flexible and efficient aspect in web application development and process is still going on.

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