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  • 6 Effective Habits Digital Marketers for Business Boost Up

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    Some people have eccentric rituals to jumpstart their day, and often, those acquired habits become second nature to them. Digital marketers are no different. Over time, they develop work habits that put them on top of the totem pole of marketing experts.


    Here’s what works for high performing digital marketers that might do wonders for your marketing career too:


    Planning -Thinking strategically


    Marketing is a complex process—from content planning to budgeting resources and mapping out specific strategies for each marketing channel.


    As every step in the marketing cycle also has its own nuances, thinking ahead can give you more room to work with. Without a concrete plan, you run the risk of creating random campaigns that don’t deliver results for your team.


    Being a strategic thinker also means determining where to focus your actions most. Applying the 80/20 rule, for example, means you need to find out which 20 percent of your activities is likely to give you 80 percent of your revenue or profit.


    You might be focusing too much on increasing your website traffic to generate brand interest or awareness, but in effect, you might be falling short on drumming up your conversion efforts.


    Execution- Using tools wisely


    Proper execution of a marketing plan depends on a number of things including using the right tools. As marketing trends continue to evolve, you need to be discerning as to which strategy can help your business model and customer base grow.


    In the Philippines, startups used SMS to engage customers and encourage brand loyalty, owing to the great popularity of SMS use among Filipino consumers.


    Acting quickly


    We’re in an era that’s characterized by digitization and automation across industries. Marketers who are quick in adapting and using technology are more empowered to enhance the overall experience for customers.


    Reporting- Presenting reports systematically


    Marketing is a data-driven activity, which means you need to have excellent skills in data reporting to let your team know how well (or not-so-well) your marketing campaigns are performing.


    In a structured digital marketing approach, marketers ideally spend 10 percent of their time reporting on a campaign’s strategy, status, and results.


    Being proficient in such applications as PowerPoint and Excel are compulsory rather than optional, which includes knowing how to create slides and presentations that follow the proper ratio of text and visuals to facilitate easy understanding of key takeaways.


    Communicating effectively


    Most of your marketing responsibilities require that you have good speaking, writing, and listening skills, as you need to communicate with both external and internal clients a great deal of time.


    Posting blog content regularly helps you polish your writing skills and gain you more followers. On the other hand, speaking in marketing conferences boosts your self-confidence and translates into an opportunity to influence large audiences.


    Ultimately, all of these train you to become a digital marketer par excellence.


    Analysis- Being data savvy


    Again, it can’t be overemphasized how much data marketers are working with every single time. Every bit of information is valuable to help you create marketing personas, understand your target customers’ behavior, and identify opportunities for your brand. With that, the best marketers develop a love affair of the sort with customer data by studying them and gaining insights from them to help the team come up with a solid, integrated marketing strategy across channels.


    Measuring SMS metrics, for example, vis-à-vis your mobile marketing efforts helps you see each of their strengths and weaknesses to help you choose the better alternative for your next inbound or outbound marketing campaign. Not to mention, marketers who are relentless in interpreting their data get to develop the habit of testing and improving every activity in the pipeline with the goal of gaining maximum results for their marketing budget.


    The brains behind the best marketing campaigns have one thing in common: they refuse to stagnate. Instead, they constantly study, think, innovate, and evolve to help themselves and their brand stay relevant in the age of massive data and digital technology revolution. 

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