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  • 5 Technology Business Startups to Watch in 2019

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    The technology startups are growing day by day with the people abilities to think and invent new systems and trends in the field of computers and technology.


    We live in the technology era where the inventions and the innovations are happening at a very faced paced. The developments in the field of technology are so quick that we come to see so many amazing and beneficial products, systems, applications and many more utilities related to the technology and science. The ideas are being transformed into reality with the hard work and the dedication and also with the abilities to work for a change and invent things that can make the world easier to live in.


    The concept of startups grew over the past few years when people started thinking about innovation and demanded the state for funding’s and support to make things in reality and produce the required material. There are so many crazy and amazing startups in the world that have started from the ground level and now they are the world’s top companies and organizations. All the thing that matters is the idea that is creative and innovative and with the dedicated workforce to make the idea into reality and possibility.


    Let’s have a look at the emerging startups and the ideas from the latest and up to date era of technology and see what the things we can expect in the future are and next year:



    1.       Nurx

    To improve the birth control of the woman’s and gave him the perfect access, an easy to use digital application has been made and is on progress. The main feature of this application is that it gives the user an option to request an online prescription. Then after a specific time the prescription is delivered right to the door. This amazing application is built for the people who don’t have the medical insurance and they can have it for 15$ a month. The current availability of this digital application is on 15 different states and regions. And as planned and organized, by 2019 Nurx will cause a disruption in the health of the woman for the first time ever in the birth subscription service in all in one digital application.


    The total funding for this startup is: $41 Million


    2.       Shippo

    Introducing a cloud-based shipping software that will save not just your time but the valuable money too. The startup has amazing features that allow the users to get the tracking of packages, get the prices and the rates of items and many more. This amazing startup is providing support to the 35000 valuable customers and that includes the logistics distributors, marketer and retailers.


    The total funding for this startup is: $29.3 Million



    3.       Biome Makers

    This startup has been specialized in the in the identification of the microbiome and doing the understanding of it. Getting the DNA information and with the use of the intelligence system technologies, the startup allows the user to improve the agricultural production and the quality at the same time. The biome makers have the features of impacting the areas like decreasing the diseases and the bacterial decay, giving and providing the solutions from the microorganisms and lastly reduced the use of the chemicals in the agriculture sector.


    The company was also named in the top 10 US terriors. The funding for the startup is: $2.3 Million



    4.       ImpactVision

    To provide the world with the secure and healthy global food system, the startup impactvision is working to make the things in the food industry better, with the use of the hyperspectral technology. The basic aim of this type of technology is that is combined of two factors that are the chemical mechanism called, spectroscopy and the use of the digital image processing power. It is a very easy to use the system for the users as by only taking the pictures of the food items they can see the nutritional facts like the fats, sugar and carbohydrates in it, the freshness of the food, moisture level etc.


    Total funding for the startup is: $1.4 million



    In the transformation of the supply chain for the foods, this startup brings a new dimension to this field by making the most use of the block chain technology and the internet of things. This collective data from the system gives the user the details like the quality of food and where it is being made etc. best use of this technology is in the farming, where the farmers can use it to get the internal process automated to meet all the demands from the market and the competitors.


    These are just a few startups from the list of many which are being developed and still improving to be watched in the upcoming future.


    Author Bio: The article is written by Patricia Grays who is automation engineer and writes blogs on tech. Moreover, she offers Custom Assignment Writing Service to all the students across the globe for their academic help.

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