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  • 3 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends You Are Likely To Witness In 2018!

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    Digital marketing is the main kind of marketing we have in this day and age. Not only is this the most effective, but the most dynamic way of selling goods and services. Simply put, a marketer is practically useless now without some knowledge of digital marketing. What’s more, the trends in this world keep changing on us. To get you up to speed and prepared for what’s next, here are some of the most likely digital marketing trends of 2018:


    1. Focus On The Customer

    Your product and service may be great, but they need to be marketing directly to their consumers. The age of one single product for everyone to buy is long gone. Now, digital marketers need to have their eyes on how to personalize their output as well as the customer experience.


    Since websites are usually the first point of contact between a vendor and a potential customer, we’ll start here. Do away with much of the flat and static content, and adopt a more dynamic approach. For instance, give the customer a question to answer before launching the website for them. This may be to pinpoint their location, their occupation, or whether they are a repeat customer.


    According to their answer, the site could show them varying content. For someone in the United States, American model and branches are shown first. For any other country, the results would vary accordingly.


    The content itself should also be ‘smart’. It is termed so because it caters to the need of every consumer who comes across it, the way they want it to. This may be accomplished by allowing customers to customize their own products, make their own service packages, and the like.


    2. Chatbots For Customer Services

    Chatbots was a concept that caused many cringes and much negativity up until now. However, chatbots are now on the rise and have come quite a long way. They are ways to assist customers without having an actual human employee sit on the other end of the line. This results in an automatic system of dealing with complaints, queries, and comments


    Not only are chatbots more efficient, but they have an increased response rate every month. They can adopt deep learning and machine learning in order to know just how to respond to each customer. This way, they can personalize the customer’s own experience too.


    When experience is personalized, customers tend to bond with the company itself. They would hence choose the company again in the future if they are satisfied with the product. Even if the item or service is not a hundred percent perfect, people would still be coming back just for the excellent customer service and personalized options.


    3. Influencer Marketing On The Rise

    We all know some social media influencers. These are the people who don’t necessarily have the largest following but can really influence their fans’ spending habits. As a result, these are the people that brands need to target. They don’t have to be conventional celebrities but could be people with handicaps or just a quirky sense of humor.


    Whichever the case, brands now need to work on sponsoring and contracting social media influencers to promote their wares. This is a multi-pronged strategy that works in several ways to increase sales.


    First, the product or service gets exposure. By looking at the influence promoting the brand, potential customers become more aware of its existence. From there, the brand itself gets recognized. This could benefit the sales of its other products as well.



    The coming year sure does promise us many new trends to watch out for. We need to prepare ourselves, otherwise, even large companies could be dwarfed by the sales of startups due to the latter's proper digital marketing.


    Author Bio

    Lauren Ebsary is an Online Educator, and a Digital Marketer. You can also approach her for getting ‘A’ class essay help. Her interests are music, painting, and skiing. To know more about her, connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.



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