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  • SDLC Models

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    SDLC Models:

    The full form of SDLC is Software Development Life Cycle. SDLC process is used by Programmer or Developers the most but Tester also follow the rule for testing the applications.

    In IT company there are many SDLC model, but we can separate them in two parts.
    - Sequential Development Model
    - Incremental / Iterative Models

    Sequential Development Model: With the help of Sequential Development Model, development becomes easier and faster. It takes less time to complete the process but success are 100% sure.
    It is recommendable for small level of project which have low budget and which will be completed in short duration.

    Basically Sequential Development Model follow the following phases like Requirement gathering, Analysis & Planning, Design, Coding, Testing and Release & Maintenance, each phase is related to other phase.

    Example: V Model and Waterfall Model.

    Incremental / Iterative Models: Incremental / Iterative Models: In incremental model a single task can be divided into small module which can be easily manageable. In this model, the testing activity starts at the beginning of the project and each upcoming release of the module adds the functionality of the previous release.The process still continue to achieving the final Goals/Target.

    In incremental model adding small small module, but the expectation that each module is fully completed or we can say that it can full fill the client requirement. Hence, the product get ready step by step with the help of these steps... Requirements, Design & Development, Testing and then Implementation.

    Below is the example of Incremental Model

    1. C, 2. CO, 3. COM, 4. COMP, 5. COMPU, 6. COMPUT, 7. COMPUTE, 8. COMPUTER

    The Target will be stared step by step and finally it will be completed on 8th step.

    Examples: Spiral Model, Agile Models etc....

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