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Why are annotations used in Java?

I have certain queries regarding annotations in Java. What is the usage of annotations in java? What are the major applications where we can use it? Can these be used to replace XML based configuration completely and is it language specific...

How to connect to redis server using Java?

Hello there, I am stuck in an issue, I am not able to connect to Redis Server using Java to get multiple key values from redis server in one request, any help will be appreciated. Thank you,

Copying jar from one location to another in Ant build.xml

 Hi can anybody help me to write a build.xml which copies file to a tomcat directory after the war is ready..   Thanks in Advance

RMI Registery java.rmi.connectexception connection refused to host

Below is my code:   import java.rmi.*; import java.rmi.server.*; import*; import*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.lang.*; import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.filechooser.FileSyst...

Solve null pointer exception

Here is my Code: import java.sql.*; public class dbcon { Connection con; Statement st; ResultSet rs; dbcon() { try { Class.forName("net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessDriver"); Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(...

How to delete rows from a JTable using swingworker?

Am trying to create an application that sends messages(SMS) to a list of people in the JTable and each time a message is sent to the recipient who is a row in the JTable i want that row to be deleted and i want the sending of the message to be do...

Desktop application like word web (

I need to make a Desktop Application with following features : Once installed, it gets launched at the time user logs in and runs in the background. If the user selects some text from browser or from notepad and clicks a particular key combinat...

Sorting singly linked list which takes only one argument

I want to write a recursive method which sorts the singly linked list and takes only one argument. And do not write another auxiliary method to support this recursive method.

Convert object to xml

i want to make a program that will create automatically XML data structures. I will not know from the beginning which is the class, and which the attributes so i cant use JAXB. For example, if the input is: Employee, name,id Employeelist, co...

xml to json conversion

Hi can anyone tell me how to convert xml to json in java.   thanks in advance.

mismatch in json while converting

can help me to resolve this. Am trying to convert the xml to json but the json values is not same as xml there is a mismatch in the values. Here is the snippet @SuppressWarnings("unused") public static void main (String args[]) throws...

Can someone explain the algorithm of this java program?

I found it in the net and I want to know the explanation of it's algorithm. I'm having a hard time to understand this. thank you so much :) import java.util.Scanner; class BinarySearch { public static void main(String args[]) { ...

Serilazable interface

Hello All, Could anyone help with this,The Serializable interface doesn't contain any members and also called as Marker Interface But to persist any object that must be implemented serializable  interface ,I want detail explanation ab...

ArrayList is not synchronized

What does it mean when we say an ArrayList is not synchronized?

Question about using Java for data compression:

Hello, I have a question regarding the best approach to using Java to compress an MP4 music file. My approach is to use Java NIO to input the MP4 file into RAM as a stream and parse the bits to find a specific bit pattern. When I find the bi...

Java Need

Hello I want to learn Java programs from easy to expert Level can you suggest me some sites for It?

java web app is not uploading images

Hello, I need help to understand why my java MVC doesn't upload images. There is no errors just nothing happening. My project is on dropbox DropBox Please help me because I'm totally stuck with this. Please look on it and tell me if there is...

Java erro module not deployed

Hello, I need help because I complete stuck with this error in my Java project In-place deployment at /Users/jakublemiszewski/Desktop/VCMS/VCMS+WS/VCMS-WS/build/web GlassFish Server, deploy, null, false /Users/jakublemiszewski/Desktop/VCMS/VC...

How r=to STORE RSS Feeds in Android for offline use.

I am working on an android app that displays an RSS News Feed. Something similar to CNN or other news app. So far the app is working great but I have one issue when the app us not connected to the internet the activity that the RSS News Feed is i...

Java database statment problem

Hello all, I dont know what im doing wrong, i only want to check the username and password in the database if they exist show, you are logged in but if they do not exist to show.. you have no access to db public void logIn(Student student) ...

Java bit processing

Hello, I want to process a file.txt at the binary level by removing every 5th bit if it is equal to 1. Save the new processed binary file and repeat the process until it can no longer find any more 5th bits equal to 1, then save the final file...

sendRedirect error 404

Hello, I'm trying to do a redirect of a login to another page but I receiving error 404. Can someone explain me how the sendRedirect work please? I post too a screen shot of the structure of my files inside the project. Thank you a lot. /*...

No options for import in Eclipse IDE

I am trying to import a gradle project into eclipse. However, when I do File -> Import, it gives no options. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Tomcat and Servlet/JSP where write a file on HDD?

hi all i am use tomcat 8 and my war file initially i want write a file a .properties file, here the code: Boolean wflag = false; String wnomfile="" Properties prop = new Properties(); OutputStream output = null; System.ou...

Java web error in the servlet file

Hello, I have a problem to run the next code. I have a glassfish server and I add servlet api. The problem is when I try to run it this error occurs: In-place deployment at /Users/jakublemiszewski/NetBeansProjects/JspServletTutorial/build/we...

Checking a list of URL against a search engine to see if it is indexed.

Hi everyone. I am not a JAVA person but I have a situation where I am suppose to check some 3000+ URL if they exist in a search index. I need a java script which can fire these URL one at a time to the search engine and record back the response...

Upload multiple files using REST service with AngularJS and Spring MVC

Hi I am using Spring MVC with Java Config and defined some rest-services. Spring at sever side and AngularJS at client side. I want to upload more then one CSV files from AngularJS site using REST service. How will be done using Spring MVC ...

Tomcat application server hangs while Deploying web application directory

Hi I have installed Tomcat application server(Apache Tomcat/7.0.61) in an Ubuntu server(Ubuntu 14.10). When I am starting tomcat server it hangs at deployment stage and try to http://localhost:8080 on browser, its taking more time to load a...

Delete duplicate records from Excel and copy into other Excel file in java

Hi I want to move duplicate record from one excel file to another excel file using java. Thanks in advance.

How to check if string arraylist is sorted?

Hello everyone, Can anyone help me with the below query- How to check if string array list is sorted or not?


I want to a Eclipse Demo example How to connect SpringMVC +hibernate+Mysql and not used annotation in hibernate and to make the hbm.xml and .cfg.xml file with that .
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