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Android app first installed

I am facing issue with my android app.  If a user installs my app through apk file. After installation a window appears with two buttons open and done which is part of android os. When user taps on open, it opens my launcher activ...

How to prevent and USSD code from running in android?

I want to see how can I prevent a specific USSD code from running in android java? for example if the user dials *1234# an error pops or just make it not working. I want to create an application that prevents dangerous USSD codes from runni...

Recycler view concpet

Dear Sir/madam,                                 I have doubt with recyclerview with retr...

Push notification using c#

Hi, I want to send a Push notification so can anyone help me to know, How to send notifications to multiple devices using C#?

Facebook Login Button

What is the cleanest way to customize Facebook login button on Android?

How to Recover Deleted Photos from HUAWEI Phone?

I got an outsourcing project from a client, who asked me to build a data recovery app for HUAWEI based Android phone. I have never in this areas before. Anyone would shed some light on this or recommend some open source project i can learn f...

Linked Integration with android app

I tried to integrate my app with linked in android the access token is getting expired with in less than five sounds i need a best tutorial on linked integration with android which is using oAuth2.0 if any provide some best resources on that it i...

Listview items sets to default after scrolling

I have list view which uses base adapter class for each item view, when I make changes in one item of list view and scroll the list view the changed item sets to default value, I need to retain my values even after scrolling. @Override pu...

Audio Input Level

I am trying to measure the audio input level. Is that possible?

CDD verification process?

I know that one has to pass CDD and CTS to get GMS license. As for CTS, I have learned that the developer needs to get the log file after running CTS and submit the log file to google. But what about CDD? As far as I know, CDD is just a lis...

QuickBlox Imaplementation

Hi Team, I am new to develop chat base app.from where i should start i donot know.Can any one give me brief guidline so that i am proceed further.i am totally stuck here.

Repeated Notification

Dears How I can make automatically repeated notification on everyday on specific time. kindly help me

PayPal - Error server - Double Payment

  Good morning , someone managed to solve the problem of double payment in PayPal ? Thank you

PayPal's library - onActivityResult -ANDROID

Hello, I am an Italian developer, I was trying to implement my PayPal's library within my e-commerce App. I created two test accounts, and it seems to work, but there is a problem. If during the phase of sending money, I deactivate the In...

Overwrite Existing SQLite DB with new

Hi friends Please help me, how can we overwrite or replace existing SQLite DB in android automatically, I tried with change dbversion but still not getting new DB. how can overcome this. please help me.    

Expandable ListView

Hi  kindly help me to fix my issue. i am using expandable listview to display data from SQLite Database. in my database title,contents and favorite columns and some other columns. how I can display data to expandable listview kin...

Seesion Management

Hello, I am making an online shopping app. I am storing user details in sqlite database( Name and Password). So at the the time of login i want to check weather username and password is correct or not. So in that case how to manage session.Bec...

How to make a simple settings page in android? (Duplicate)

I'm new in the "Android-App-Dev"-Scene and got one question: How do I easily make a good clean looking settings page for my app? There are some kind of headlines and some kind of big buttons on you can tab to go to a new page....

How to make a simple settings page in android?

I'm new in the "Android-App-Dev"-Scene and got one question: How do I easily make a good clean looking settings page for my app? There are some kind of headlines and some kind of big buttons on you can tab to go to a new page....

Android - document edge detection via camera

Hello guys, i am trying to develop one p.o.c with functionality like office lens, when i focus camera on document it should auto adjust(focus, mode) , detect document edge, draw border rectangle(real time) in Android . Have tried OpenCv but no...

PLease solve transformClassesWithJarMergingForDebug error in Android studio

Hi, When I trying to build/run the build in Android studio getting below two errors randomly. Error:Execution failed for task ':iTSM:transformClassesWithJarMergingForDebug'. > java.uti...

How to display google maps in Navigation drawer

Hi, guys I need a help to merge different layout's as one layout. I am including google maps layout in one layout and it having some buttons at bottom and one horizontal scroll view at top of the page. Now, I am displaying the google map...

Parse JSON help

This is my code Sometimes i dont get an empty string. EditText ord; TextView fintext; Button send; RequestQueue requestQueue; String insertUrl = "myurl"; requestQueue = Volley.newRequestQueue(getActivity().getAppl...

Navigation drawer SupportMapFragment

Ive createad a navigation drawer and 2 fragments. I want to create a fragment with a map where i can put pins on etc. But it wont let be because i need to extend SupportMapFragment, and i need extend Fragment.

how to run swf file in android using webview

i want to run an swf (flash file) in android using webview.i used the code at the following link but was not able to find teh resolution.Please help me in this:

Need Horizontal List view like Flipkar app home page

Hi, Please guide me or provide any help full links to develop the app with Horizonal list view instead of Vertical Listview. Where the app of Flipkart implemented Horizontal scroll view or Horizontal lit view in home page Thanks is advance

Error:Execution failed for task ':iTSM:transformClassesWithDexForDebug'

Please help me to resolve below error Getting Below error in Android studio after update the Compile and Build Tool version Please find the attached bild.gardle file early compileSdkVersion 21 buildToolsVersion "22.0.1" and asl...

How to add default navigation drawer activity to all the activities in android studio

Firstscreen is where naviagtiondarwer is created and in that screen there is a button as "rate card" after clicking on that button new screen opens that is new-Bid as in image Actionlbar is not having navigation drawer this is what i m not able ...

How to split an Image in android

I am facing problem to split an Image. Please help me to find out the solution. Please share any library if you know.

How to take frame from video

Please provide me the solution to take frame from video in android If you have code. Please share it.

DDMS in android

What is DDMS in android? Could you please provide the capabilities and functionalities of DDMS?

Disable the scrolling of list and allow the whole page to scroll

Hi i am currently working on an android application in it has list view inside the main activity. What i want is disable the scrolling of list and allow the whole page to scroll only,is there any way for that please do help..... I tried with...

Show Content in "List View" Only when "Switch" is "On"

Description : I have created a App with single tab and created a switch, List View. I have to show content of "ListView" say RSS Feed only when the switch is turned ON, and Hide the content of "ListView" when Switch is turned OFF. Can you help...

How to create Custom Rom for Android

I wan to create a custom rom Can Someone guide mo on how to do this Please

How to crop the profile picture before uploading?

Hello everyone, I am facing a problem in uploading a image to server. I am able to successfully capture a image from the camera or select a image from the gallery, but i have to provide a crop option before uploading the image just like in Wha...

Impossible to start SpiceManager as no service of class

I am using robospice api for ASYNC rest webservcie call.I am getting below exception java.lang.RuntimeException: Impossible to start SpiceManager as no service of class : meshyog.jalam.DistributorSignupService is registered in AndroidManifest.x...

Permission Access

How to block or access specific permission of specific application through android code? (Without accessing manifest file of specific app?

How do i pass 2 or more variables in a URL

private void doAssign() { String nameStr = fname.getText().toString(); String phoneStr = phone.getText().toString(); String bikeStr = bike.getText().toString(); String details = nameStr + "," + phoneStr + "," + b...

BLE Packet delay

Hello Everyone, I have been testing BLE on android. I have observed a significant delay between received packets which appears randomly. I am receiving 24 bytes and the delay between certain packets is random and high. The delay is between 20 to ...

setOnTouchListener call multiple times

When I implement this. I catch this event multiple time. Would you please provide solution. private EditText mDateOfBirth; mDateOfBirth = (EditText) findViewById(; mDateOfBirth.setOnTouchListener(new View.OnT...

How to Select specific category by writing PHP code to show lat & lng location in google map using volley library

I want to display location (lat & lng) markers in Android google map using volley library by selecting the category. I am not able to get individual selected item locations but I am able to get all locations markers in map. Please help in ...

IllegalStateException not on main thread

class LoadImage extends AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void> { @Override protected Void doInBackground(Void... urls) { Bitmap theBitmap = null; ...

Uploading captured image into the specific folder server using volley library

This is one of the famous question which is unanswered clearly. I have posted it on stackoverflow link as follow: I wa...

Google Map showing only one marker

Hi, I am using Google Map in my app. I have added treeid, and its lat and lng location. I want to retreive these location and show in google marker using volley library. But I am able to get only one marker location.Please help me where I a...

Please help to design the layout with attached image in Android

Please help in design the layout with attached image. please find the attached screen shot for reference Suggest whether we go with grid layout or Relative layout . Please provide the respective xml layout. If you suggest grid layout could ...

how to access restful webservice using volley library

I have created a restful web service using this tutorial after running this i got an auto generated java file which contains the following code public class RestAPI { private fin...

Blur Image View

Hi, How to blur an Imageview and am already tried it using RenderScript, am new to android can anyone tell me for what this library(renderscript v-8) use ?

android google map is showing only one marker using volley library

I am using Google Map inside the "Fragment" using sqlite database connection through volley library. I have 4 location, but my map is showing only one marker. I don't know where exactly getting wrong. Where do I need to change in my code to...

Convert SASS Application to Android App

I have a SASS Application built on Rub on Rails [ Responsive Design]. Is there any way I can convert App to Android application and use it Regards Surya

adb shell command to toggle google location reporting

Hi Android Nerds, I'm looking for a solution to enable high accuracy GPS without any prompt so and it will also enable google location reporting is there any way to do this by android terminal or using adb shell on windows ?
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