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Should I Go For Other Programming Language Than HTML for Registration Page Creation?

Is it right that you must use something else than HTML? To make a registration page?

What all the code in this link mean to make Social App?

Hey I wanna make my own social network so I just wonder if someone please can tell me what all the code in this link mean: view-source: except line 1 and 2

How to do styling of a page header layout to fit in tablet & smart phones?

I have this page header and i need to make responsive so it can fit in tablet and smart phones and i need to direct form right to left and how can i use pure javascript to achive that (no Jquery needed)    <!DOCTYPE html> ...

How to Resolve Uncaught ReferenceError: TrialScript is not defined

<html> <head> <Title>Demo Script</Title>  <script type="text/javascript">                 function TrialScript()            ...

Where in this code should I add custom sizes for the application?

I have created a script within Google Scripts Editor so that when a user clicks on a menu on the toolbar in Google Sheets it brings up an application box where users click to print. However, i'm not sure how I could add custom sizes f...

How to support persistent connections

I am fairly new to using python and servers most of what I know I have learnt from youtube. 1.I am trying to make a persistent connection but am not sure where I am going wrong 2. I also want to be able to send large files using chunked transf...

What are some of the best hybrid apps and what level of programming experience is needed to build one?

I've heard that a hybrid app is built with a combination of web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript and it can easily access hardware capabilities of the mobile device. Please enlighten me with some examples of the best hybrid apps ...

What is difference between <button> and<input type=“button” /> ?

Hi all, I want to know what is the difference  between <button> and <input type=“button” /> ?  and  which one I should  use.

How to display result of php file in an html file

I need help please. I create html file with 2 tabs. The first tab contains form that takes user input and submit it to php file. I want the result of the php file to be displayed in the second tab. HTML file:   <ul class="nav">...

Different behavior of heading tag with section

If I'm write Heading tag (h1 and h2) in section or aside it shows same font size and if I put this outside of section or aside tag it works normal. Why? <h1>heading 1</h1> <h2>heading 2</h2> <h3>heading 3</h3...

What is HTML Local Storage?

What is HTML Local Storage Objects ? Local Storage is that method we can store data on user browser. Its work same as cookies. Cookies was use in old time means before html5 and Local Storage is much better then it because we can store more ...

Why does auto attribute not work vertically?

If I'm using margin: 0 auto it will work as horizontally margin auto and vertically 0px. Now question is if I'm using margin:auto why It is not working vertically. Note:- No need alternate option, just want a solid reason behind it :)

Insert Data into MySQL database from HTML SubForms

Hello EveryOne, I have 2 HTML Forms: 1. Register/Login 2. After User gets Login, He used to update details of him. I used MySql database in order to save Login details of User. And also i have another table for updating details of him aft...

Entering Values in Second table with help of Primary Key of First Table

Hello EveryOne.... Here is the scenario., In MySql database, I have two tables.. User and UserDetails... In 'User' table, i had generated userID made it as a primaryKey. For Example, 101->user1.... 102->User2 Now I need...

403 Error Unable to load the HTML Page

Hi, I have a issue in trying to access a page on my website When I try to open the html page it gives me an error 403 "You do not have permission to access/main/menu.html on this server." I have also changed the permission of the folder....

How to included a timer on a web page

hello all, I want to include a timer on a web page which is designed for taking online test like on this website whose link is as followed Please suggest me how can I do that .

Including video on web pages

Hello all I need some help regarding in HTML, the problem is that I want to include video lectures on my web page, I want to dynamically update the lectures in the web page which I add on the default folder for video lectures . can you please s...

Same class not working properly on different element

Hi all, I have a question about class performance, i use a class on two element first is an input type button and second is an anchor tag (a) both are looking different. Why it happens can anybody have any proper answer. Thank you in adv...
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