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Closure in Javascript


JavaScript Closures

In Javascript, we have two type of variables Local variable Global variable A local variable can only be used within the function where its is defined whereas a global variable can be used by all the script within the page. What if w...

JavaScript Closure Need or Uses of JavaScript Closure

Why we need JavaScript Closure or uses of JavaScript Closure? In previous blog(Introduction to JavaScript Closure and Elements for Closure Pattern), we talked about the Closure and Elements. In this blog we are going to c...

Introduction to JavaScript Closure and Elements for Closure Pattern

JavaScript Closure and Uses of Closure What is JavaScript Closure? In simple words Closure means- to bind local variables in a function. A Closure is a logical statement or function that can have free variables composite with an ent...

Closure in Javascript

A closure is a technique which helps us to access the variable of other function even when they are out side the scope of the calling function. We can also say that it has access to the outer functions private variables. Example : The pri...
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