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jQuery functions



Hello Readers, Definition: The DOM(Document Object Model) element that initiated the event. It is often useful to compare to this in order to determine if the event is being handled due to event bubbling. The target pr...

Jquery difference between .append() and .appendTo() method

Hello Readers, If we want to insert any element or content within define particular element using jQuery, then we can use jQuery .append() or .appendTo() method. jQuery .append() and .appendTo() both methods are doing the similar ta...

jquery function after() and before()

Hello Readers, We can use .after() and .before() methods for different tasks. If we want to add any other HTML tag or content after or before define HTML tag, then we can use these jquery methods for the same tasks. Example: meth...

jQuery add() Method

Hello Readers, We use add() method to add elements with a existing group of elements or selectors. Syntax: selector.add(selector) Parameters Please find the following description of all the parameters used by this add met...

Jquery callback function

Hello Readers, In jQuery, It is a function which is passed as an argument to another function and it is executed when/after it's parent function has been completed. Callbacks are some special jQuery function because it patiently wa...

Difference between $document.ready() and $window.load() in jQuery

Hello Readers, Usually, we use the jQuery in our web project as per the requirement. We start the jQuery syntax as $(document).ready() OR $(window).load() function. Here I will describe the difference between $(document).ready() and $(w...
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