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Semantic Elements


An Overview to HTML5 Elements

Hello readers, Today in this blog we will discuss about HTML5 various elements, its syntax and various tags that are used in it. Features included in HTML5 - The tag name remains uppercase. For attributes the quotes remains optional. ...

Spellcheck Attribute in HTML5

Hello, reader's Today we will discuss about the HTML5 attributes. Basically attributes are used to define some additional information about the HTML elements. As there are various global and standard attributes used in HTML5. Here , we wil...

Structural Semantic Elements in HTML5

Hello readers, Today we will discuss about the Structural Semantic Elements that are used in HTML5. Introduction of HTML5 HTML5 is basically a latest and an enhanced version of HTML. HTML5 has various new features including new elem...

HTML5 Semantic Elements

SEMANTIC ELEMENTS The word semantic is the study of the implications of words and  phrases in language. A semantic element clearly depicts its intending to both the browser and the developer. These are the elements that are used...

What is semantic elements ?

Hello all, Semantic elements clearly defines its content. It means that elements which are recognize by their name in html for example <hedaer > , <nav> , <footer>. You can say it helps understand what is happening on the pag...

Non-Semantic Elements and Semantic Elements in HTML5

Non Semantic Elements:- Traditionally, developers have implemented non-semantic elements with a class attribute to define the structure and express the meaning of content. It tells nothing about its content. The element has no special meaning at ...
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