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Top 3 Steps to Write Better Search Ads for Lead Conversion

  Setting up a search ad means much more than choosing ad groups and keywords. In order for your ad copy to be effectively written, you must remember that its main goal is to sell products or services. Therefore, an ad must be perfect...

How to Creatively Promote Your Blog Content to Boost Business

  Every business big or small should have a blog. The problem is there are so many blogs out there that it is sometimes hard to get your blog off the ground and get people reading it.   So how do you get people reading your...

Recycling for pros: tips for reusing social media content

If you've been crafting your social media marketing strategy for a while, you probably realize how challenging it is to create fresh and engaging social media content on a regular basis. Keeping your social channels interesting takes lots of ...

Can you catch the Hummingbird- Google's latest search algorithm

The hummingbird, outsmarting the panda, the penguin and you The new google algorithm does justice to its nomenclature, its fast in its processing and furious with its accuracy. Humminbird is the freshest Google algorithm, which assimilates...

9 simple steps to improve your technology blog

How to create good original content for a technology blog seems to be the question on everyones mind. It is to be noted that just uploading codes doesn't count as good blogging. One needs to support the code with some content which highlights its...
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