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Launch application after phone boot or screen unlock in Android using BroadcastReceiver

We have BroadcastReceiver to listen to the system events. There are receivers like BOOT_COMPLETED, SCREEN_ON, USER_PRESENT which we can register to perform any specific task when phone boots or screen unlocks. The same we are using here to Launc...

How to generate MD5 and SHA-1 fingerprints for an android application

By following these steps you can be able to generate MD5 and SHA1 fingerprint for your android application using command prompt.(It will surely work in windows7) First of all you need to get the paths for keytool and keystore. keytool you...

How to get SMS from an Android Device programatically

To get SMS conversation from an Android device we will use following code: ContentResolver contentResolver = getActivity().getContentResolver(); Uri uri = Uri.parse("content://sms/conversations/"); Cursor cursor = con...

Associate your actionbar popup menu with the hardware menu button in Android.

Google Kills Android Menu Button, Replaces It with Action Bar But still so many devices have hardware menu button so now we can combine hardware menu button along with action bar option popup menu by just doinig a small trick. When you clicks...

Steps to download a file in android using Asynctask

Five Steps for downloading a file using AsyncTask in android Declare the reference of ProgressDialog class in your Activity globally. Ex:- ProgressDialog mProgressDialog; Instantiate the above reference in onCreate() method of activity...

Dynamicaly load more items to the ListView

To dynamically load more items to the ListView when you scroll at the bottom, we implement onScroll() method in which we can find out the which item is visible when we will reach at bottom it will load more items. Following steps are used fo...
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