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Xpath in Selenium

The query language which is used to locate elements in XML document is "xpath". XML is the context in which xpath exist. One or more elements exists inside the XML document. Every element must have a start and end tag if it contains so...

Different position values used in xpath

In Odoo/OpenERP many times we need to inherit views in order to add/remove/replace few elements of the original view. Simple use of `` can make that easier. With this tag we have to provide an attribute called "position". This attribute contains ...

Locators in Selenium WebDriver

Locators in Selenium Webdriver: In Selenium WebDriver, everything is related to web elements. All the objects in a web page is called web elements like input box, buttons, etc. To do any action with these web elements, we need to first locate ...

How to handle drag and drop functionality through selenium webdriver ?

We use "Actions" class to handle drag and drop functionality. WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); driver.get(""); driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(20L, TimeUnit.SECONDS...

Gmail Sign-in through Selenium Webdriver

Hello all, this is script for Gmail Sign-in through Selenium Webdriver by using xpath as a locator. I have use xpath in locating HTML elements. Xpath can be easily generate from Firebug. public class loginuser { public static void main(St...
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