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How to add CirclePageIndicator with ViewPager in android

CircularPagerIndicator is usually a kind of indicator that used to know how many images or tabs are left in our view. It is like a dot at the bottom of a view, more you can get by implementing below few lines in your project. Step1: permission...

How to implement ViewPager with tabs in android?

To switch easily from one page to another using slide either from left-to-right or right-to-left becomes easy using ViewPager. The below example is to make view pager with TabLayout, tabs may be used to display headings, we can also move easily f...

How to create Grid View with in View pager

In the below example I have created a GridView with in Viewpager. Here in activity_main.xml layout , I have added ToolBar, ImageView , TextView, TabLayout, Viewpager. In second step I have created three fragments xml layouts. In fragment_three.xm...

How to make Tabs ViewPager with the using Fragments in android

In the below example I have created a Tabs ViewPager by using three fragments. Before creating layout firstly I have added design libraries in the dependencies section of build.gradle file. Then I have created three fragments layout, in this I ha...

How to create Swipeable View in android

 In the below example I have created View Pager (View pager slider). Here I have added ViewPager in activity_main.xml layout, after that I have created slide_page xml layout, in that I have added a textview and in next step I have created fo...

How to catch changing of View Pager slides

After creating a ViewPager (as I also described here ViewPager) we need to catch the changing of slides event. To do this we have a listener OnPageChangeListener i.e, ViewPager.OnPageChangeListener that invokes whenever we chance the page or i...

Image slides using ViewPager

To show slides of images, we use ViewPager in android that provided by the support library. First of all add images that we want to show in drawable folder. Then create array of these images. private int[] mResources = { ...
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